Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 27

Today I am thankful for Colombia.

 My time there was life-changing and I cannot say enough about that experience. It's one of those moments in time where I could literally freeze it and just savor it. What a precious 10 days that was for me. I will share just a few tidbits here today, but if you missed out on any of those thoughts, you can read them starting here, which is actually the post I wrote just before leaving. There are many following it to describe the experiences.

  I am so thankful for that time. It was healing and transforming for me. It was there I rediscovered myself for the first time in years. It was there I found joy and life and laughter amongst a tiny village called Brisas del Mar.
 In Brisas, I met people who forever changed my perspective of the world. In Brisas, I saw poverty, but amidst the poverty, saw people who love deeply.
 In Brisas, I met a teenage girl who wants to be a translator, just like I want to be.
  In Brisas, Paola and Tia and Yuleida became my family.
 In Brisas, I found peace. I saw God with fresh eyes. I dived deeper into walking with Him and found healing in a broken heart.
   I learned about a new culture and brought home a fresh perspective about life, although admittedly, it's hard to apply all that I learned.
    In Brisas, Paula became my best friend. And James and Eric became my brothers. New family.
In Brisas, I was taken to another country, a third world experience, and a village full of people who have seen absolute devastation but have risen through the adversity.
      My time in Colombia forever changed me. And today, and every day, I am grateful for that.
 Choosing just a few photos is so hard, but here are a few to give a glimpse. (I'm trying to pick ones perhaps I haven't used in previous blogs....)

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