Sunday, November 20, 2016

November 20

Today I am thankful for opportunity.

 I am blessed. I have been given the chance to do a lot of really neat things. Of course I have a bucket list a mile long still, but this year alone I have had the chance to travel across the world, start attending school again, run some races, go zip lining, and try paddle boarding.

 I have been given the chance to experience some great opportunities this year. I have met some incredible people, including but not limited to, a US Olympian Marathoner.

 The bucket list continues, but I am grateful for what I have been able to do this year. I also am completely grateful for my health to be able to do all of these activities. I am not the thinnest, fastest, strongest person out there. But, I am healthy and thankful for that. Not everyone can say that.

 Health and Opportunity. I have much for which to be grateful.

 PS- My race this morning, the Hot Chocolate 15K was a lot of fun. The weather was so cold that my phone shut itself off and my hands were sort of numb (somehow I lost a glove today?? ), but it was so worth it and Danielle declared we are going to make it be our annual event. She finished far ahead of me, but maybe next year I'll catch up to her (probably not, but hey... I can dream/goal set!).

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