Saturday, November 5, 2016

November 4 & 5

Due to a busy day of expo travel yesterday, I missed my chance to share what I was thankful for. So I will combine the 4 and 5 post into one. Besides, then I spare you from reading every single day :)
  So for today (and yesterday) I will just share the little things for which I am thankful this particular week. Little experiences that accumulated to bring smiles to my face and lift the moments of my day.

 1. An unexpected, beautiful bracelet from my bff Paula. She knows me well. And I smile as it dangles from my wrist as a daily reminder of what God says about me. And what others always try to tell me as well.

 2. On that same note, a brunch date with my bff, Paula. She's a special lady who has had an incredible impact on my life. I love our (almost) monthly meetings and look forward to our next one already.

 3. A Buck.
 No, not a dollar buck, but a deer buck. I rarely see these beautiful animals, but often see doe on my morning runs. This week, I was not 10 feet from a beautiful, young buck. He watched me as I ran near him, and I stepped a little further away into the street, not sure how territorial he was. But he was absolutely stunning.

 4. Laughter with Lisa
   Those moments when you get tears from laughing so hard. Those are the ones to capture in a bottle and forever recall. Lisa and I had more than one of those times in our travels to Indianapolis this week and just as the ones we've previously created, these new memories bring smiles to my face that make sense to no one but her and me.
Being Silly with Lisa (who was taking the photos) 

 5. New Foods
  As much as I try to be healthy and eat differently and right, I am kind of  foodie in some ways. I had the most delicious salmon tacos this week and they still make my mouth water. Worth every bite.

 6. Theological Discussions
  I love it when people take time to discuss the Bible with me. It's a living, active Word. And we can forever learn from it, no matter how hard we have studied it or how long we have been taught it. This week, I was able to have a good discussion about various theological issues that stimulated new studies and thoughts. I appreciate those who take time to not debate or preach or shove, but lovingly discuss, and at the same time, listen to me, too.

 7. Kind People
  I love nice people. (Don't we all??) But every now and then there are random experiences that deserve to be noted. This one would take far too long to share, but this kind man from the Air National Guard was also spending hours at the same expo where me and Lisa were. And the time he took to learn about our event and share about our event and drum up conversation with us was meaningful. Kind people make a difference. And this was one of those experiences that just served as a reminder to show that you never know when you are doing something that will reshape a person's day. Take time to be kind. This guy Mike did.

 8. Plank Victories
  As time keeps going, and the plank challenges each month keep happening, I keep pushing. And when I was able to hold it another 30 seconds, I felt victory. Now to challenge myself to keep on going with it, keep on getting better. I can't wait to see what December's challenge will be.

 Good times this week. I have so very much for which to be thankful. Lots of great interactions, special people, and a strong support system.

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