Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 17

The first blog I wrote this month said I was thankful for my childhood.
 Tonight I am thankful for my siblings.

I have heard so many stories of brothers and sisters who fight or don't get along or have some sort of division. I am thankful to say that is not my experience.
 I have amazing siblings.
We are so different in some ways, but we have a commonality that only the 4 of us can understand. We laugh at jokes before they are told because we just understand what the other is about to say.
 We share memories no one can "get" because they are unique to our family.
We can make fun of each other and know it's in total love.
    My brothers tease me like no one else in this world, but they protect me just as fiercely. Only they can get away with all of that.
     My sister and I communicate in the exact same way, so no words are needed many times. We laugh like silly and we cry together, too.
  The 4 of us share secrets and I trust them all more than anyone. It is a bond so rare, and one I do not take for granted.
      We learned hard work ethics and family values. We have endeavored into our own families but come back together in a way I have seen so very few do.
    We do not always agree about every part of life, but we agree to disagree.
 We have grieved my mom's death together.
 My sister is 42, my brother 39, I am 34 and my younger brother is 32. 3 of us in Ohio, one in Utah. One former marine, one employed civilian on an Air Force base, one manager at Sears, one pastor's wife. All four of us are fighters. All four of us love deeply. They boys are not afraid of conflict, the girls are people-pleasers. We learned about working hard from dad and living life to the fullest from mom.
   My sister is there for me any time I call, text or need a shoulder. She understands me in a way unlike any girlfriend every will. I laugh with her like I did with mom and when I need to cry, there is no fear of tears shed. We are different in some ways, yes. But we are so similar at times we can read each other's minds. She used to read me bed time stories growing up and let me tag along with her anytime. She is my big sister.
    My older brother is one of the most intelligent people I know. He never strived to have the best grades, he mostly wanted the knowledge. And he can tell you history about nearly anything or talk theology for hours. He's there for me when I need him.  I trust him and he listens when I need an ear. He supports me in all that I do. He will always have a big brother protector mentality I think, even if it goes unspoken. We can talk for hours or we can have coffee and say nothing.
   My younger brother and I are very close. Growing up, we fought horribly. Neither of us tolerated the other very well, but today I think we understand each other better than ever. We are 2 years apart and so he will always be my little brother, even though he is taller, stronger and smarter than I am. He is one of my biggest supporters when it comes to all my goals and ideas. He's innovative and creative and always trying new ideas himself. We are both fighters for what we believe in.  He served in the marines. He taught me about running. And while we have our share of differences, we are closer than ever.

 I have amazing siblings and I am so thankful for all 3 of them.
Stephen (older brother), Becky, dad, Me, Tim (younger brother)
March 2015. Dad's Surprise 70th Birthday. 

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