Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14

Today I am thankful for all of God's creations.
 I love nature so much. I enjoy taking in the variety of creatures that exist and the colors of the trees and the scenic places that hold beaches or mountains or farmland.
 I enjoy the starry sky and the moonlit night. I soak in the sun and dance in the rain. I find snow a bit mystical (for the fist one anyway) and the seasons of the year are beautiful.

 This morning, as I stepped out for my run, one of the first frosts of the season kissed the green grass. The cold nipped at my ear lobes and tickled my thumbs. Fall is nearing its end and soon we will be in a new season. The giant moon- because it was so close to the earth- held such beauty it felt like I could touch it. And the stars danced across the dark morning.
   The doe raised her head and looked at me, as if I were the intruder in the territory. The pile of leaves lingered on the sidewalk for me to jump through like a child (sorry, neighbor... I could not resist kicking my feet through it with a smile!)
  The nature came to life in front of me and brought a smile to my lips.

 I am so very thankful for God's creation and beauty. Once I lived in Florida and was often asked if I missed the seasons. At that time, the answer was "no." I had the beaches and the palm trees and the warmth around me all year.
 However, if you were to ask me that today, if I would miss them if I did not live here, I'd probably say "absolutely." Because in the seasons, I am reminded of how life changes, how fortunate I am, how amazing God's creation is and how, like the seasons change, He is constantly working on me.

 Running is a part of me.  And in running, I see life through a new lens. Today it happened to come in the beauty of a dark, cool, crisp morning.  I wish I had a photo of this morning's moon and stars.... but it would not do it justice.

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