Friday, December 2, 2016

What I Learned in November

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year..... as the song goes. 

 I cannot believe that it is the last month of 2016 already. Doesn't it seem some days like time stands still and it takes forever to get through a day? But then, in hindsight, time is flying. Here we are on the heels of closing out another year. 
 I always get super reflective this time of year (ok, if you know me, I'm always being reflective, but this time of year brings it about especially).  I think it's important to reflect on life so we can see how we have grown and figure out how to keep moving forward, keep growing. 
 Here is what I learned in November:

 1. Blogging every day is not practical for my life!
    I gave it a good shot, and I knew it would be tough, but some days, there just isn't time to blog. Between school, work, family, chores, exercise and social things.... some days there is little room left for blogging ;) But, all things considered, I enjoyed writing as much as I could about what I was thankful for.... there were so many things left unsaid. 

 2. The Hot Chocolate Run will be a new November tradition for me and Danielle
   We had so much fun hanging out and enjoying some good girl time and getting exercise in in the process. Danielle wasn't thanking me so much while we waited in the cold, but once we got going, it was worth it. We had a great time. And, honestly, I've never tasted better hot chocolate in my life! (could it have been the cold? or that I was hungry? perhaps, but it doesn't matter. I will choose to believe it's the best ever!) 

 3. Black Friday shopping is not hateful.
   First of all, why does the phone auto correct Black Friday into capital letters? It doesn't seem it should be a holiday? Second of all, my daughter asked if we could go out. I have never really wanted to brave the craziness, but, bless her heart, she has made some of her own money this year and wanted to buy for us, but wanted good deals as she only had so much money. So, I agreed. 
 But you know what? Me and the kids had a lot of fun together. We made memories, we laughed, and we did find some good deals. So, all in all, it was worth it. 

 4. Hacksaw Ridge is one of the best movies I have ever seen.
   I highly recommend this movie. I won't give it a review or a recap. I just say.....go see it. It's incredibly inspirational and moving. 

  This website is a compilation of topics covering mental illnesses and/or disabilities. Many of the articles posted there are written by various people fighting the battles. It's real. If you know someone who battles anything like anxiety, depression, autism, or a variety of other things, you can find real life information here describing it, perhaps lending you some good insight into their struggle which they have a hard time putting into words for others to understand. 

 6. Websites
  So, listen, technology is not always something I am superbly wonderful at navigating. However, I really try to learn it. For my English course this semester, I had to put together a web portfolio. If you want to look at it, you can find it here. It's not amazing, but it gave me a good place to start learning some new technological ways. On it you will find some boring things we were required to post, but you will also find a few other writings I got to choose to put on there. Let Go is a very personal piece I wrote, but I think it's time it is shared. 

   And while this didn't take place in November,  I am now wrapping up semester 2. I have made it through a difficult fall of learning, but I have grown in my writing and I have a brand new appreciation for Art. What did you learn in November? 

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