Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Worn out Bible of a Tireless Prayer Warrior

A tireless prayer warrior. That was my mom. I have titled a few blogs "The Singer" "Love for Words and Books" and things of that sort. But lately I have been remembering mom as the tireless prayer warrior. I found her many mornings and even afternoons, with her Bible open, scribbling notes, praying for many others about all occasions. Some days it was for us, her kids. Other days for her friends. Sometimes likely for her own heart, though those were held close to her.  I found her even praying the scriptures.
   Her Bible was well used. The black leather cover was worn from its moments of tirelessly being read. The binding on it was taped, having been opened and closed time and time again. The pages have been underlined, noted and worn thin.
  And lately, I have been reading through her Bible, so wishing I were sitting across from her to talk about it instead. Wishing I could hear her words of encouragement over a cup of coffee on a day so needed. But she left behind traces of her thoughts through her worn Bible pages. Evidence of her constant dependence on God and her thirst to know Him more every day. Reminders, even, to me, of what encouraged her which she would often times use to encourage me.
  She would humbly sit quietly before God , not seeking attention, only earnestly seeking Him.

She left a legacy for me to remember. Her worn out Bible tells a story about her deeply rooted life in Christ.

 It's nearly impossible to go through a holiday season and not think about mom. I told a friend recently that it doesn't get easier each year, it just gets different, not having mom. This year is different. We will be at dad's, where evidence of mom's life still lingers in corners. Memories will be risen which haven't been thought about for a bit of time, simply by being in their home. And yet that will be a wonderful experience, too. A time to laugh and make new memories; a time to remember; and a time to be thankful for what she instilled in each of us. I don't go into Thanksgiving sad per say, missing her. I go in thankful. There can be moments where that is a hard emotion to choose, but I am Thankful for all she taught me; thankful that she was a tireless prayer warrior; Thankful that she wore her Bible thin and I can now, 2 years even after she's gone, find her wisdom penned in the pages of her lifeline, God's Word.  I am thankful for all she taught me, and even today continues to do so.
  I am thankful that mom was a tireless prayer warrior and that she wore her Bible thin in the process.

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