Friday, January 16, 2015

the Little Moments

Some weeks, let's be honest, can be harder to find the little moments that make us smile. Because some weeks, life can be overwhelming. However, God is good...all the time. And there are always little moments. That's the point of my Friday little moments blog. I want to be diligent in finding those little moments, even in the difficult and frustrating moments. And so I reflect and appreciate...
 This week... in reflections....
   - O-H-I-O. I'm a Buckeyes fan. Always have been, always will be. I can't  quote you all their statistics, but I love watching their games. And this week, they claimed, and deserved, the National Championship . I even heard some, who have forever been haters on the Buckeyes, do that O-H-I-O chant. Go Bucks! 
    - Running. After resting a bit from a minor injury flaring up, I went back to it this week. Nothing heavy mileage wise, we'll try to incorporate that next week again, but it felt good to run and not have that nagging pain. 
       - Sun. Sun is a rarity around here in January, but yesterday it came out and began melting the ice and snow. I love the sun, even if temperatures are still cold.
         - New found friends. Jacqui, over at  is a new found friend. I love the world of blogging and how it connects me to women around the country. Women who build me up. 
             - Games with the kids. Sometimes I can find myself so caught up in details of life that I don't take time to enjoy the little moments with my kids. This week I was determined to get back to those moments. I have highly enjoyed sitting and playing games and laughing with my quickly growing children.
             - Coffee with a friend. Always a precious moment in time I love. Even if it's sitting quietly and just sipping coffee. I love having those few friends in life who just know me so well I don't even have to say anything. 
        - Laughter. laughter is always the best medicine. Sometimes laughter comes in laughing about dead squirrel stew (don't ask...) and sometimes it comes from being made fun of (it's good to learn to laugh at ones self) or girly giggles over silly comments and high heels. However the laughter comes, it feels so good to do it! I love to laugh. Noting those moments on paper helps because even when I think about them, I smile. That's why it's so good to remember the little moments.
  Because when we need a smile most, we can find it, if we look. 
 The little moments really accumulate and  make up the essence of life- the moments that matter. At least from my perspective. In the grand scheme of all the busyness and stress and decisions and bad news and hurtful words and ugly times......those little moments have the potential to bring a lot of joy. 

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