Saturday, January 3, 2015


Every year, the challenge is put out there to choose a word by which you want your year defined. This can be evaluated and looked at in many different ways. For every person who looks to meet this challenge and also choose a word, the challenge is different, the defining ways of the word are different. The Year in a Word Challenge, as I call it, is a unique experience for each person.
  I have done this the last 2 years. In 2013, I chose the word diligent.  I sort of followed that through 2013. But as with many new years type resolutions, and that being a new challenge presented to me, I didn't necessarily stick to it. In 2014, the word I chose was pray/prayer. Again, I didn't necessarily put that into practice as I should have, although as the year went along, the fact that I'd chosen that word stuck more closely with me.
 And so we come to 2015. I was unsure as to whether I wanted to attempt this again. Choosing one word is extremely difficult. And while it's not like writing something in stone, it's a goal of sorts nonetheless. I usually think this through and toss around a few options. However, this year, every time I have thought of this challenge, the same word has come to my mind. So, I have decided to go with this word for the year 2015:


 Again, upon choosing a word, this looks different (whoops, no pun intended there) for each individual. So,  as I have thought of this word over and over, I have contemplated reasons for this being the word which I am choosing to embrace and embody.
   I have spent many years of my life, in some ways, trying to be like everyone else, instead of being me. This year, I want to be different. I want to stand out. Not because I want to be someone special or a big time name known to everyone. I simply want to be me instead of being like the rest of the crowd. I want to embrace all the lessons I have learned in 2014 and take them into 2015 and be different. What makes me different, makes me beautiful, unique. God made.
 I will embrace different.
   I want to live differently this year.  I do not want to repeat the same mistakes. I want to learn and grow, which means stepping out of my box and doing different things. I want to lead and not follow. I want to get out of my comfort zone, which is, in essence, being in a different place.  I want to make different and better decisions. From the small to the large, I will be different. Being different may, at times, be something only I see. But, it might also at times be something others see. I want to be asked why I'm different. What makes me different.  So I can share my story and tell others why I'm different.  God has made me different, just as He has made each and everyone of us different. I want my different to be noticed this year for His glory, but just as much so, I want to embrace being different more than I ever have.
 I have no doubt this will not be easy for me at times. But I don't want to put this word on the back burner. After all, what makes you different makes you beautiful. And I find much truth in that statement.
   Along with that is the variation of that word, difference.
  It's my heart's desire this year to take what makes me different to make a difference.  A difference in all I do, in all I say, in all I am. I want to make an impact on those around me. From my husband to my kids to my friends and coworkers to the stranger in line behind me. Opportunities exist all around us, but how many of us- myself included- take the time to recognize those moments and do something about them? This year, I want to make a difference.
  To make a difference, I will be different.  And that is my word for the year. I'm excited to see what may come through this awareness of this word.
   One day at a time, I will be different to make a difference. 

 What's your 2015 Word?? 

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