Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I am Ready. Bring it On.

As the word different is my theme word for this year, I have decided it's only appropriate to blog about the journey on which it is taking me. I find myself thinking about this action more than I ever have to a previous "year in a word" challenge, and I am quite excited about the possibilities.
   Opportunities exist every day to be different and to stand out. Accepting the challenge of doing it is what I have often ignored.
 That little voice that has whispered to me all these years...
 "You'll never be good enough."
    "You're too stupid"
       "You have done so many wrong things, who are you to try to be an example to anyone?"
   "You will never amount to anything."

That little voice that somehow dominated my thoughts for so many years...this is the year I am squashing it! I choose to be different. I choose to smash that voice and instead say....
   "No one is good enough. But by God's grace, we all have talents and abilities (and we are all different) and I will let mine be used to make a difference."
    "I don't know everything, but I'm not stupid. Not knowing is a good place to be, it means room for new ideas, new growth, new opportunities. Humility. Not stupidity."
      "No one is perfect. No one. That's why we all need Jesus. And that place of needing Jesus and letting Him take my differences is the best place to start becoming an example. "
     " I will be exactly what He has made me to be and keep growing in that direction. "

 Those are the new voices. It's kind of like a fresh book of open pages, waiting to be written. An authors most favorite place (and often times scariest) to begin.
  Is it scary? Oh, yes, my friend, it most certainly is. But it also holds much excitement and adventure.
  Be Different. I am ready. I've let go of the old and I am embracing the different. Bring it on.
 2015. A fresh book, ready to be written, one word, one page, one day at a time.
   Music holds a powerful effect, if we stop and listen to the words. I heard this song and felt it captured much of what I'm wanting to say/be with embodying different.
Lord, I am ready now.
   I've let go of the old. And I'm ready to be different.
     It's beautiful because it's who I am.
       Use my different to make a difference.
One moment at a time.

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