Friday, January 9, 2015

Little Moments

Friday brings along the little moments. I love reflecting on these. It puts life back into perspective all the time for me. This week was full of them for me...

   In the midst of a winter blast, (and let me be honest and tell you I really do hate the cold), there were some beautiful moments found .

 - I enjoyed my first ever snow day as an adult. :)
   - to go along with my first snow day, the kids had one too, and we went sledding! We had a blast. And I may have incurred a couple of bruises along the way, but well worth it.
- Perfectly timed God-oriented conversation
  - A beautiful white, fluffy,  snow.
    -  A home to go to in the winter weather. A warm place to sleep and be.
  - Heated seats in the car
   - Playing old school games with the kids
     - The beautiful contrast of the red cardinal flying against the trees full of the white snow
 - Sipping hot chocolate with the kids after sledding
     - Foam roller - one of those kind of inventions that are wonderful when you need it and makes you wonder "why didn't I think of that?"
         - Snuggling with my 10 year old. Moments I know will not last much longer

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