Saturday, February 28, 2015

What I Learned In February

Why is it that the shortest month of the year seems like the longest??? It could be because of the ridiculous record breaking low temperatures we have endured, or the few snow storms that have blown through our town.
  But in light of this month which has lasted forever, I have been looking forward to writing this particular blog. February has brought me many teaching lessons. Some are quite silly, and others have been so deep for me, I will not be able to put them into proper wording, but I will try.
 So, my friends, here is a little bit about February lessons learned:

1. I like to paint.  We got to go to one of those wine and canvass nights, and honestly, I had a lot of fun painting. I'm really not much of an artist, but I enjoyed being creative. I outlined my daisy (one of them) in brown, and at first I said to myself, " Flower petals are not outlined in brown..." but then I decided, who cares? That's what painting is about... being creative.  I had a blast. I would like to go back sometime to a studio and just paint.

2. Tea is not so bad.  The Doctor ordered me to lessen my coffee intake. Sometimes I can blow off what a dr. says, but this time, I needed to listen, at least for a while. And so far, I think her reasonings were valid. So I will continue to obey with my one cup a day. That being said, I  never liked tea. But, I love a hot drink, so I have been experimenting with different kinds, and I am discovering tea is not so bad after all. It'll never be the same as a cup of coffee, but I give it some credit.

3. I like my hair growing out.  For years, I have had short hair. I kind of did because of being in food service and it needing to be off my shoulders, but in all honesty, I did it more because I said long hair did not look good on me or work for me. But, I have a job now where I can wear my hair however I want, so I am giving it a shot. And honestly, I like it. Also, I have come a very long way in not letting the opinions of others rule me. I am not a stylist, so it's not fancy (and when I try, I remember why I need a stylist) but I love being able to wear it down, feel the wind blow through it, or pull it back in a ponytail. Who knew??

4. I struggle with self control.  So, I never would have thought this or admitted it before. However, I like to be real, so let me be real for a moment. Self control can apply to many areas of life, and I have discovered in this very long month, that I wrestle with it. (In reflection I kind of say, "duh, Rachael!") I actually struggle with it in  many areas. The cool thing, though, about recognizing this, is that I can now work on fixing it. I am actively aware when I reach for some comfort food that that is a lack of self control. up all my many cups of coffee a day (though a struggle) boils down to self control. And so the list goes on. What I say, where I go, who I spend time with, what I eat, how I spend my money....I can be full of self control at times, but the reality is, this is a daily struggle for me. But, with God by my side, I am steadily working on this.

5. Having Winter days Makes me Appreciate the Approaching Spring ones.  This isn't really a new lesson, but it's been a refreshed lesson. I have strived to be thankful for the forced rest and the bitter cold days, but my heart is longing for warm days, short sleeves, flip flops and outdoor runs without a million (ok that's exaggerating, but you get my point) layers. But in so longing for those days to arrive, I have learned the parallel of needing bad days to appreciate good, winter to appreciate spring and so on.

6. I have comedy movies I go to to watch on dreary/boring/sad kind of days.  This is a new discovery for me that I do this. But I found myself, more than once, requesting to watch a certain flick. I love to laugh. and I have discovered a couple movies which bring this about every time. I laugh in all the same places, even when I know they are coming. But it feels so good! Those 2 movies currently are Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and The Proposal  with Sandra Bullock and ?? (i've really never been great with knowing who is in what).

 This month has taught me much. Many lessons which are hard to put into words. If you are in my every day life, you've likely watched me be a little more quiet. Just like the trees roots which go deep and soak in the snow for growing the trunks and new buds to come forth, I believe February has been doing the same for me. I am excited to see what March will bring, for my life, for growth, and Lord knows I am excited to see colors and warmth again.

  What did you learn this month???

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  1. My sister and I were just talking about how this February seemed more like 47 days long rather than 28. We blame part of that on the weather, too. Heh.

    I adore your painting...brown outlines and all. Just beautiful! Speaking of beautiful, you look gorgeous in the above picture!

    Toasting you with my own cup of tea, Rachael! May this new week be a wonderful one for you and yours. xo