Monday, February 2, 2015

The best running partner ever

Sometimes, life leaves a loss for words. Mondays bring about my running stories, and tales of my journey with all that I am learning through exercise/training/running/pursuing goals.
 But, today is one of those days that leave a loss for words, and yes, the event that brings this about has played a part in my running journey.
 Today, I had to say goodbye to the best running partner I ever had.
 He never told me to go faster.
  He never had anything negative to offer.
   He didn't talk, but if I had something to say , he listened with intent eyes fixed on me.
    He was completely content to be by my side and be my companion.
He let me run my pace, and he was content with that, but when I wanted to push to new levels, he certainly kept up with me. He was WAY faster than me, but never made me go the pace he wanted.
  He was loyal and would get up with me on ridiculously cold mornings, The only one I could coax out the door with me at 4:30 in the morning.
    He loved running....and taught me much about the pure enjoyment of it.
 He was an unexpected gift, and a running partner I never thought I would have.
  "He" was my dog. I know that many would find this post silly, but call it my way of giving him a goodbye. My way of processing the small hole he leaves.
     Dexter had to be put down today because he had cancer. There's that ugly word....cancer. Way different than saying goodbye to a person, and I know that , unfortunately from experience. But cancer took Dexter at only 3 years old.
  I never thought I would be a runner who would enjoy having a dog by my side, but Dexter changed that and, quite honestly, was the best training partner  I ever had.
 There really aren't words that are sufficient. Yes, he was a dog, which is far different from saying goodbye to a person. But Dexter saw me through some tough days- both in hard runs and in life itself.  And I will miss his excited greeting when I said "You wanna go for a run with me?"
   Training will go on. Life will carry on.  And good memories remain. There just won't be a quiet companion to join me in the early hours of the morning.  
  Goodbye to my favorite running buddy.


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    1. thanks, Brenda. It was really tough. We knew it was coming, but it still was hard.