Friday, February 6, 2015

The Little Moments

This week, I was not very diligent or intentional about writing down all the little thing from the week that captured a nice moment in time. So, I had to sit and think about it a little, about what brought smiles and joys and a thankful heart along the way through my week.  As always, there are plenty of those- one just has to be intentional at times about noticing them. Here are some of my little moments from the week:
 - My cup of coffee was ready upon getting to the counter to order it in the coffee shop. I used to be that barista that would have the coffee ready for the customers. Now, I am the customer, and I enjoy that. I know what it's like to be on the other side of the counter, and I appreciate so much what they do. I didn't expect to become "the regular" but I am, and I enjoy it. My change jar from collected change around the house is my coffee money. I am thankful I drink regular coffee so my change carries me a long way :)
  - I work in a building that also holds the chaplains offices. While I don't have regular interaction with any of them, the other day, I had 2 encounters that really were encouraging. One, a jolly old chaplain, full of gratitude towards God in all he said. Just back from deployment, he was cheerful and   I couldn't help but smile upon listening to him. The other, more quiet, but smiles go a very long way, with a simple conversation over a book we'd both have read.  2 unexpected encounters in my day that just were plain encouraging.
    - The laughter of my daughter.
      - Hugs.  I love hugs. No words are necessary at times; a simple hug goes a long way.
   - The clearance rack. I don't always go out in search of bargains, but I did go looking for a specific clothing item this week, and found it on clearance!
      - A friend who knows what I will say before I even say it, who doesn't care how very wordy I am, and allows all the words to flow, and yet sitting quietly without words is ok, too. The type of friend rarely found, but so appreciated.
        - Good books! I am thoroughly enjoying reading a lot again. I've started keeping a list of books I want to read, and am simply enjoying making the time to do it.
    -  My mom was a writer and lately I've discovered some of her old writings. I have enjoyed reading ones I had never found and learning new stories about my mom.
        -Sunshine. I really do not like winter at all. i am ready for flip flops and shorts now! However, I am learning to appreciate all the seasons, as they each hold their own beauty. The sun this week shined and the icicles and snow glowed in it (and then melted! Yay for that!) But it was beautiful.
         - I have positive things happening for the 5K that I put on every year in memory of my mom. Lots of changes, but good things are transpiring out of those. I am grateful and excited to see what is going to unfold!
 I am finding that even when I don't write down all my "little moments" they are all still there. I have also found this week that the quiet things in life- smiles, hugs, and just a few very simple words- go a very long way.  God is good. All the time.

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