Monday, February 9, 2015

No Excuses

Once I sat through a speaking event, in which it was stated that we make time for the things that matter, bottom line.
 We often can be found saying "I don't have time..." And to be honest, often days, we don't. We live busy lives, with packed schedules, and time runs short for much of what we want to do. However, the point of what the speaker was saying was that while we live such busy lives, when something is important enough to us, we make the time for it.
  For example, I used to say I loved to read, but was just too busy. Balogna! I just had to make the time. I do love to read, and I do have the time. It's a matter of shifting something else out of the box to accomplish the reading. Solution? Take out social media time. I don't miss Facebook. I prefer my books any day!
  The same is quite true for exercise and running. How many times do you talk to someone who says they want to exercise but don't have the time?
 Do you know my response?
   I say, "why do you think I get up at 4:30 every day?"
I don't mean it pridefully, I just mean that If I did not get up at that time to get my runs in, I would not do it. Trust me, I have tried. I am not a lunch time runner, and when I get home after work, there are motherly and wifely duties for  me to do, so running is not really in the cards, not to mention, I am tired and my body has no desire to pound out the miles.
 Some days I struggle to get up so early. Especially in the winter. But, again, a person ultimately makes time for what matters. And running matters to me.
 It matters because I have these time and race goals I pursue. But really, I've learned that it matters because it clears my head. I feel better about myself when I run, both physically and mentally.
   In my training for my April races, I can easily find excuses.
  I'm tired. It's icy out. It's cold. My ITB hurts. I have important things to do.....
  But guess what? If it's important enough, I'll make the time.
 If you really want to lose weight, you'll make the change necessary. (For me: that would be eating habits)
    If you really want to hit a time goal, you'll do the speed runs. (I broke down and began these dreaded drills last week. We totally have a love/hate relationship.)
        If you really want  something, you make the time for it, not an excuse.
 I am preaching to the choir here. Because today I need to do my strength training (not my strong suit either) instead of sitting comfortably with my coffee.
   You can do it! Try it. Just kick one excuse. Just one. And replace it with what you truly are wanting to do. You'll see, just as I have, that it's true that you make time for what you really want to do/accomplish. One day at a time....

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