Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Little Moments

On this frigid Saturday here in Ohio, I have spent some time reflecting on my week. I am walking through a great learning process the last few weeks, about myself, my value, God's ways v. mine, and many other life lessons. It's a rather beautiful journey.  Blessings to be found in the middle of blustery winter days....
  - Baking with my kids, eating raw cookie dough, and making memories
- A fun new recipe app (Yummly-Check it out) Cooking has never been my strength, but this app is full of recipes and ideas and is a great aid in transforming my lack of cooking abilities into some delicious meals
    - This week, I am grateful for my health. I may have 
 issues at times medically, but this week I've become extremely grateful for 1- antibiotics and 2- my health. I take it for granted. I realized that this week, which lent me a new perspective of gratitude for my health.
       - Wind. It's cold and knocks my breath away often times in these frigid temps, but I am thankful for it. I can't see it, but I can feel it. It's a reminder of God all around me, even when I cannot see Him. 
     - Thought provoking books. I'm in the middle of a couple right now, and am enjoying what they are teaching me. 
  - Quiet mornings. I love getting up at 4:30/5 and having the house all quiet and a few moments of peace and prayer before starting my day. 
         - Lazy Saturdays. 
  -Sunshine. Although I am already wishing for days to roll my window down and feel the sun on my face and wind in my hair, I am grateful that in the midst of these very cold days, the sun still peeks through the clouds. At least it isn't grey and dreary all the time! 
    - Cards. I love to give them, I love to get them. Cards make me smile :) 

 Happy Valentines Day, My friends. May you find the little things in your week and days as well! 

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