Friday, February 27, 2015

The Little Moments

TGIF, my friends!
  The last days of February are here, and I must say I am grateful for that. Tomorrow I will bring you my "What I learned this month" blog. For today, I want to share my little moments from the week.
 In the midst of wintery days, it becomes easy to complain about the cold and yuck outside. I have to make a conscious effort some days to not fall into this trap myself.  This was a really good week for me, though, and I am thankful for the many blessings in my life.

 - Stepping out and doing a different activity. Last weekend, I got to do a "sip and paint" night. A night where we went out, had wine and painted. I laughed and just had a lot of fun stepping outside of my normal activities, expressing the creative side of me.
   - Scarves, hats and gloves. Seems like a silly thing for which to be thankful, but I know many out there do not have those, so I am grateful for those items that keep me warm.
     - Old photos. This probably isn't the first (or last) time I will smile over looking through old photos. I am grateful for those moments captured in time. As I looked through some old photos with my dad, I enjoyed listening to his stories and learning new things about him.
         - Birds chirping. Yesterday, I dressed myself warmly and stepped out the door for a run. (I could no longer do the treadmill) Yes, it was cold, but I went without music, and as I finished my last quarter mile, I heard a beautiful sound: birds chirping. That made me smile pretty big. Regardless of it being true or not, I choose to believe this means spring is on the way.
   - A friend who knows how to bring the best out of me, included, but not limited to, listening to my woes and helping me see how that weakness can become a strength. Or rather, how it can become an opportunity for God to shine through me
   - The smell of coffee and the enjoyment that first long sip in the morning brings me. I have been directed to only have one cup a day, which is a huge adjustment for me,but I have learned how much I took these things for granted. I now savor every single drop of my one cup.
      - Crockpot meals.
         - An unexpected card dropped on my desk this week. I love those moments. Those are the kind that last in my mind and heart for many days.
    - Laughter. The sound of it is like music. The feel of it is pure joy. And the lasting effects of it bring memories lifting a smile to my face any time I recall the moment. I love to laugh. And to see others laugh.

      I am glad it is Friday, as I am sure all of you are as well.... Tell me about your little moments this week. I would love to hear!

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