Friday, May 6, 2011

some days don't go as planned

Well, today has been "one of those days". You know what I'm talking about....everything just does not go as planned. We all have them. There is a part of me that has learned that there are much bigger things in life to be upset about than  broken machines, spilled drinks, long lines, airheaded people, and a non-functioning computer system. It's just that the other part of me that still gets upset about those things sometimes gets in the way. That was today.
 I knew it was going to be a rough day when I got a text last night at midnight telling me of all the broken things I would be coming into at work. Oh well, I rolled over and went back to sleep. Determined to have a good day when I woke didn't really go that way. But you know what? By the end of my shift today I was literally laughing at all the broken things. I could have cried when I totally spilled an iced grande mocha all over the counter today, with only half an hour to go. But I chose to laugh. I apologized to Megan, Carlos, Jerry , and well...everyone who had to wait due to my mistake. I laughed. And I moved on. I believe it's due to the many prayers of those I asked to pray when the day started out so badly and the aspect of learning to laugh instead of get mad. And the fact that little by little, as I get older, I'm learning it's true...there's no use crying over spilled milk...or broken machines....or , well, all those other things that went wrong in the day.
 Some other things don't go as planned. I haven't done my exercise yet today. I felt the desperate need for a nap when i got home, so I slept for 30 minutes. The day isn't over yet. I WILL get it in. It won't be running today, but it'll still happen. I knew it would be challenging some days to fit it in. Today is one of them.
  Other things don't go as planned. I never thought as a little girl that I'd ever lose my mom. This blog has become a place I can talk about that a little. People (you) can choose to read it or skip it. But I"m going to write it. I'll blog a lot about my mom tomorrow. It's mother's day, so she's on my mind even more than usual. I miss her. She learned many years ago that there are bigger things in life-that many things don't go as planned. I watched her over 28 years always just kind of take life as it came. Sure, there were hard days . Many of them. But she always viewed the glass half full. My brothers tell me, and they are right, I tend to look at it half empty. I'm trying to change that. I really want to change that. I'll be honest, some days it just isn't that easy. I started today feeling that way. Some call it a pity party. I just say I needed to change the view of my "glass". It's just coffee. It's just one day. IN the scheme of life, how much do those little things matter? It's really the eternal things that count. Mom was great at living that. I want to live out that truth, too.
 when the clock turned to 1:30 this afternoon, I was ready to leave. I will say I had some bright spots in the shift....Lynne, Tony, Deb, Jerry, and Judy all brought some fantastic smiles to my face today. MIchael came in for his doppio. And Chelsea came to visit me today, too. All of those moments were some good ones. So, hindsight, who really cares if there were things wrong and the day didn't go as planned. It builds character, right?
 I will now get my 30 min exercise in and then go spend some time with my kids and my dad tonight. It's going to be a good evening!Stay tuned tomorrow if you are so willing , to learn a little bit about my mom and all she instilled in me. It'll be my mother's day tribute to her. My way of remembering and trying to look at the holiday as "half full" instead of "half empty." wish me luck on that, because it's a tough one.

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