Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Encouraging others

I just typed an entire blog and then somehow lost it....that's annoying. So I'll try to remember all I said. Today I got some encouraging feedback on my blog. Rob A, a good friend and fellow runner ( a way better runner, I must say), gave me some really positive words about it. That was really nice, seeing as how this is a bit of a scary endeavor for me. Janet encouraged it. Valerie encouraged it. Jenny encouraged it. I got some really neat feedback. So...I've decided to keep up with it. I felt encouraged. So I'll keep going with it. That's usually all it takes to keep going with any new thing, isn't it? just a little encouragement.
  Recently I've been encouraging my friend, Bekah, to go running. It started because she told me she'd gone out on her own . I was so proud of her, and we got to talking about doing a 5K. Now she's locked and committed to doing that, so I'm trying to help her with her running. She started by saying she could never do 3 miles without stopping. I told her she could . So today she showed up at my door at 5:30 am and out we went. We did 30 minutes of jog/walk, and she did great! we did 2.25 miles. I was so excited for her/ so proud of her! And we will be doing a 5 K together in October. She may not learn to love running like I do, but I think she will finish the 5K. It was great to have a running partner this morning. And it was a great way to start the day. And it was fun helping her begin her journey.
  Speaking of encouraging others, I cannot write this blog without talking about my mom. She was one of my biggest encouragers in life...with everything I did, really. But with my running, too. Mom always believed in me like no one else. I miss her support. But I will never forget many of the wonderful encouraging words she spoke to me . Anyway, once she mentioned that of her 4 kids, she never thought that I  would become the one to run half marathon races. HA! neither did I :) but we had some good conversations over that. And she had many encouraging words to offer me following those words. Mom never made it to any of my races. Each time one came around, mom was too sick from treatments or recovering from surgery or too tired from teh cancer to make it out for one. But that's ok. She never failed to call me and ask about it.She always enjoyed more than anyone looking through my pictures and  admiring my medals. And she ALWAYS made me feel like I'd won first place.Back in November, soon after mom took a really bad turn, I talked with her about my desire to do a full marathon in September. Mom couldn't speak, but as I talked about it, she nodded her head and made head motions and when she regained some speech she told me "you can do it". So for her I will do the full marathon in September.She always believed in me. And encouraged me. I do hope i can encourage others as she did for me. and as Rob and Janet and Rob and Becky have done for me with my blog. One day at a time.
 I'm attempting to include some pictures on this blog from my last race. I ran a half marathon 2 weeks to the day after mom died. It was one of the hardest races I've ever done, since my training hadn't been quiete up to par. And I was pretty emotionally spent. But also one of the most meaningful. I could have backed out. No one would've thought twice about that.. But it was good therapy for me. And mom would've wanted me to do it. So I wore a shirt in her memory.
 I hope that maybe this blog will encourage you today to not give up. Or that maybe your words mean more to someone than you think. Like I said yesterday, writing is not my gift. But I guess I'll keep going with it, due to some encouraging words.
 ps, today was day 2 of my 21 days straight of exercising. I am tired due to a long day, but my body feels good. I look forward to a run tomorrow. AND to having a day off from work.

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