Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Little Moments

To recall "little moments" from a week a day late is better late than never... it just gives more opportunity for more "little moments" to accumulate.

 I sifted through some powerful lessons this past week to land in a very happy place. I love being in a happy place. Doesn't life just feel better when in a happy place? Why do I even allow myself to get anyplace different?
  Anyway... little moments are meaningful. Hang onto them.

 - Laughing with Lisa. We've been able to travel together a few times, and the more you travel with a person, the more you learn them. And the 2 of us laugh together over nothing, which feels wonderful. I could tell all the little stories that make us laugh, but they'd make no sense. I will say, though, that upon arriving at our destination, the bellhop asked us what was so funny because we were laughing so hard upon arrival. When seeing him the next day, he asked us if we still had the giggles, which made us burst out laughing all over again. Laughter feels so good.
   - Runners can be strange sometimes( I am one, so...I know), but they also can be awesome. I met a few this weekend which will stick with me forever. One group made me cry (in a good way). Another group made me laugh so hard I ended up crying. Memorable moments.
    - Warm apple pie.
 - Rain.
  - My friend, Beth.
        - A good conversation to prompt positive thoughts in the right direction.
      - Music. Music is happy. It puts a pep in the step.
 -An awesome new running shirt that embodies the inner me with its wording
    -Surprise gifts. I love giving gifts, and I am not one to really care about getting them. But when a surprise one finds its way to me, it makes me smile. And feel loved.
      - A friend who answers the phone every. single. time. be it text or call.
        - McDonald's hamburgers. I know... it goes against all my nutrition knowledge. But I confess it to being one of my secret downfalls.
    - Puddles.
        - Rainbows.
     - A warm towel handed to me stepping into the lobby after a soaking wet run. Good customer service leaves a smile :)


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