Monday, April 13, 2015

A Brand New Ending

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."  Carl Bard

  Every day brings about a fresh start. A new opportunity to make a brand new ending.

For fitness Monday, I don't have anything outstanding to post. I am not really any type of fitness guru (in case you were unaware!).
       I don't have a degree in nutrition or health or fitness.
   I'm not like many of my peers in the industry who are sought out to do important tasks or speaking engagements.
       I don't have all ( or even many) answers about the mechanics of the body.

 But I carry a torch of passion which lights the way for me on the path of life, every step forward.
   And, as the author said above, I can't go back and make a brand new start (nor would I want to, as my story is part of what makes me who I am) but I can start from now and make a brand new ending.

 So, my writing for today's "fitness Monday" post is simply to tell you, whatever your passion is, be it running, biking, swimming, or something completely non-fitness related, like writing or teaching or speaking, do it simply because you love it. Take in the beauty of it, instead of focusing on where it might get you. Goals are wonderful; trust me, I am probably one of the biggest goal setters, go - getters out there.
  But sometimes, it's good to "stop and smell the roses", as they say. Let life slow down, if only for a few minutes, to appreciate the beauty around you and enjoy yourself. Take in the moment of your passion and savor it.
  After a week off from training, (I have had way too many interruptions in training this year; and yet, those interruptions have taught me much.) I set out on a run yesterday. I decided I was not going to time myself or put headphones in or worry about the fact that I have another race coming up in less than 2 weeks... I just wanted to go out and enjoy it. And let me tell you, the beauty of the morning spoke for itself. And enjoying myself in the moment of the passion I so savor, I saw God's beauty in a new light. Literally.
    Blazing sunrise.
       Fresh dew on the ground.
           Ducks waddling around.
             Birds chirping.
                The smell of fresh dirt.
                  Steam rising off the ground, as frost met warmth and the 2 collided to bring about steam.
          Fluffy white clouds.
            Flowers blooming.
              Leaves growing.

   The beginning of a brand new ending. New mercies.  God's beauty. Around me every day, only often I'm too busy or too focused to enjoy it.
  So, today, my "fitness advice", if you want to call it that, is to say to stop and just enjoy what you're doing. Even if it's only for a moment. You'll be glad you did.

fresh dew
beautiful clouds

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