Friday, April 17, 2015

The Little Moments

"An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity." -Winston Churchill

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? The world is full of both.
 If you ask a person I interact with every day in life which I am, you'd probably hear the answer that I'm an optimist.  When people are complaining,  I strive to help them find the positive in the moment.
  But, if you ask me, I'd tell you I err on the pessimist side, because when it comes to my own situations, I tend to see or think the worst many times.
   But I am striving to change that. Practicing gratitude and finding the positives takes a lot of practice. But it's so possible. I tend to soak in the bad end of things for a little bit, but after a day or two can pull myself out... I just have to process it.
 An attitude of gratitude, finding the little moments in every day, is very possible. But it takes practice.
  Try this if you struggle with it....I read about this and the author referred to it as "The Glad Game".  I found myself writing these things down this week, and after doing so, found the positive side of the situations.  For instance....
     I may battle anxiety, but I don't have a life debilitating illness. 
 I may not be the fastest runner in my age group (or fastest in any group...), but I am healthy and can finish my races.
     I may have a sunburn, but I am so thankful to feel the sun on my skin again. 
 I may have gotten into a small accident, but no one was injured. 
        It might be a chilly morning when I long for summer warmth, but the dew on the grass and the sun rising is so very beautiful. 
    One door may have closed, but that means somewhere soon another great door will open.
       I might have had a bad day, but I am healthy and alive and no one died, so really, it was a good day, which teaches me lessons of becoming stronger.

 See what I mean? Try it... you'll find many positives, and before you know it, your frustrated self will turn incredibly grateful. And perhaps you'll become the optimist who sees opportunity in every calamity.  I have much for which to be grateful.

  - We awarded another scholarship this week to a student in need.
    - My kids are learning valuable lessons in "working" to raise money for their camp this summer... and watching them learn these lessons and change their spending habits and desires is a wonderful experience as a parent.
      - One evening, after a rougher day for me (mostly because I allowed myself to sit in the negative in the moment before I took time to be positive) I came home to a gift I'd seen, made a comment about, but it was way too expensive to buy. When I arrived home,  I was welcomed with a gift that was hand made as a replica to what I'd seen (a beautiful shell candle.... and the hand made version was much better because there was so much thought put into it)
   - Dinner with a special friend with whom it was so good to reconnect once again.
     - Positive feedback and a support system
 - Libraries, where I have a plethora of resources and free entertainment for myself
     - A kind, old businessman who offered words of encouragement and genuine, hard work with the friendliest spirit
       - Laughing with coworkers at the antics and spirit which unfolded in a humorous manner in the midst of a mundane day. Laughter is always good for the soul.
  - My dad. He may not always have the words to say, but he is always there for me.
     - Lotion and aloe. Welcome gifts for a fair skinned gal like myself.
 - chapstick

    God is good.... All the time. And little moments are found laced all through every day.

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