Friday, January 13, 2017

The Little Moments

In lieu of what has been an honestly chaotic week for me (not at work, but just in life) it feels good to take a moment to reflect on the positives of this week. It feels right to breathe for a moment and move into the Friday with a smile. Here are a few little moments from the week:

 1. Palm trees! Strange fact about me: I absolutely love palm trees. I find them very beautiful and symbolic. They bend and don't break in storms. They stand tall. They move with the wind, but hold their ground steady. And they are just beautiful. Perhaps also because they are found in warm climates, which I prefer over snowy ones. I am currently in Phoenix, AZ and it's like the best of both worlds with palm trees surrounding me and the mountains in the background. Breathtaking.

 2. People who are kind.
  That sounds rather silly, but so many people any more are disgruntled or in a hurry and don't take time to smile. The other day the guard at the gate where I enter was so friendly and happy that it was contagious. I appreciated that start to my day. Not all of them have that demeanor, so I found it refreshing.

 3. Mexican food.
 Who doesn't love tacos and salsa? I could eat it every day.

 4. Laughing with Lisa
  I love a good laugh. Lisa and I find ways to laugh over the most stupid things, but those are the best things about which to laugh. It is good for my soul. She's a great travel partner.

 5. A run in a new city
  I took a short run this morning in a new environment. I enjoyed the huge buildings and the palm trees. I liked seeing new places. I will run the 10K on Sunday, but today it was enjoyable to get out and just go with no agenda.

 6. Conversations with my kids
 This week began a new schedule for us at home. One that is a large adjustment. But as we have entered it, I have found myself enjoying my kids adult like conversations with me. They have stepped up and helped out with some cooking and chores and it's a proud mom kind of moment that makes me smile.

 7. Coffee
 This one might make my list every week :) Coffee just plain out makes me smile and take a deep breath. It has also served as a great tool this week to help me get through my days.

 The week was a challenge, but it's good to be in a fresh environment this weekend doing something I love- promoting the AF Marathon. It gives me energy to talk to these people. And having a little quiet time in a new space also brings fresh perspective to the soul. It's wrapping up well and I'll recap on Sunday or Monday about the race. First race of the year. I don't aim to win or even PR, but I aim to do my best and to have fun.
  Until then... keep looking for the little moments.

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