Friday, January 6, 2017

The Little Moments

Every Year I have attempted to create the habit about blogging on Fridays about the little moments.
 Those "things", conversations, people and experiences that take place in a week that often get discounted but really, if I take the time to ponder them, make me smile and collect to be wonderful little moments that make me happy.
  So, as I roll into 2017, I have started a jar of little moments. I am attempting to write down these little moments and put them in a jar and at the end of the year I will empty my jar and remember. But, as I do the jar, I also will once again attempt to place some of them here. Because I believe that we all could be reminded more often of the little moments for which we should be thankful. They aren't profound and may not even be something anyone else can understand. But they are for me. And maybe to help others think about their little moments in a week.
 So, as we near wrapping up the first week of 2017, here are a few little moments that took place for me.

 1. A text from Jessica.  She seems to know just when I need them. I don't know how, but I tend to get a message from her at a moment I'm just really needing to feel a smile. Just a note to say she's praying for me. She's  a special friend.

 2. Minimizing. I've begun this journey of minimizing. I follow the minimalists and while I modify for my life, the concept they bring to the table is really quite simple yet somehow fascinating. This week I gave away 4 garbage bags and a box full of stuff I don't need! Someone else out there can certainly use that. And I filled 4 more garbage bags of clothes to give to Fairborn United Methodist Church because they run a free clothing store for people in the community who need clothes. Need them. I don't share this to say yay, me! I share this because it is freeing to get rid of things I do not need. And to share with others who may. I am blessed. No need to keep that to myself.

 3. Coffee with Meghan. My week has been sort of full with some various meetings or lunches, but I was blessed by this hour with my friend Meghan. You can't beat coffee and conversation!

 4. Promoting the Linda A. Ferguson Memorial 5K
  I had the chance to do something new this week. I got to go out and promote the 5K I host. This was really a first opportunity for this, and I loved it. If you know me,  you know I love running and I am passionate about what I do. The 5K, in memory of my mom, is an extension of that. And my dad and daughter joined me in the experience, so it really was a sweet time.

  There are plenty of other little moments from the week, but those are a few. Life is back in swing and next week will bring on some changes for our family schedule as Michael's work schedule shifts pretty dramatically and I launch back into school for my 3rd semester. It might be crazy, but there will still be little moments to be found. You just have to be willing to see them.

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