Friday, June 28, 2013

Making a difference

"What do you want out of life? Out of a career?"

This was a question asked of me recently.

My answer was simple, though it was rooted with many deeper thoughts: I want to make a difference.

Do I have to be a CEO to make a change, make a difference? No.
  Do I have to have a job where everyone knows and sees what I do? No.
    Do I have to be a public speaker or writer or motivator to make a difference? No.
     Do I have to be an overseas missionary to influence others with God's love? No.

Making a difference starts with my heart motivations and moves through the creases of my words and my actions. Making a difference is something God does, using me.

I thought about who most impacted me over my life thus far. My mom. My friend, Julie. Those 2 are the first who come to mind every time. Did either of them have big time names or huge careers or places of great importance in a worldly sense of the word? No. But they both displayed incredible willingness. To be who and where God placed them.

I often have said "But I just make coffee". But God can use that. He can use a smile in a person's day.( I know He has used others' smiles in my day.)

God can use a simple encouraging word.
God can use my broken hearted moments to help someone. He can use my fallen moments where I have learned the depths of His grace. He can use my story. He can use my battle of what has been depression and anxiety. Why ? Because He has the victory. He has won for me. And He can use that to help someone else.

God can even use a perfect cup of coffee.

He has turned my sorrow to joy.
  He has brought healing where there was only pain.
   He has loved when I felt unloved.
      He has given grace when no one else did.
         He has overcome my battles.

But I had to let Him.

 And He can use that. To make a difference. When I let Him, and stop telling Him what I think it should be that makes the difference .

How do I make a difference? Is it my career path? NO.
   I make a difference starting with simple willingness. To be who He created me to be.

How will you make a difference today?

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