Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A little smile goes a long way


I love smiles. A smile is one of the first things I notice on someone. My dad has these beautiful lines around his eyes and mouth that crinkle up when he laughs or smiles. That is evidence of a lot of happiness. I am a woman who wants to see those same wrinkles on my face.

A little smile goes a long way.

I was having a rough morning. I do not often express that to others. Not because I am fake, but more so because I'm busy and sharing takes me time. I'm not a short story teller, if you hadn't noticed.  But yes, rough days do happen for me. Then she came in and ordered her drink. She said she was having a rough morning. I smiled and said "You're in the right spot. Coffee helps everything!". Then she laughed. Then I laughed. It was just what I needed. And she blessed my day.

  A smile is contagious. A little smile goes a long way.

Happiness. Joy. Smiles shine through in both, but the definitions are quite different.

Happiness comes and goes. Happiness stems from something exciting or pleasing.
  Joy stays. It may not always manifest itself, but it is always there.

"But the fruit of the spirit is joy...." Galations 5:22-23

Some days, a person's smile carries me. Many days, I get to pass a smile to others so that they can carry a smile outside  and pass it on. A little smile goes a long way.

I tell you again that it took me many long conversations, prayerful moments, tearful experiences and tough questions to realize that God can use me to make a difference. Me. A simple barista. But I am a barista with a smile. He can use a smile. He can use your smile. It's not about me. It's about God.
  I smile because of Him.

I have been asked at times "Why are you always so happy?"
     I will be the first to say that I have many pains in my heart. I carry more burdens than I will ever verbalize. I have walked through many difficult circumstances pushed into a small time window that has brought on more tears, heartache, icky decisions, restless nights and sorrowful prayers than I ever thought could happen in my life. But it is because I have experienced those moments that I can also sit here and say that He has given me true joy.
  I have JOY. True Joy. Jesus Joy. And that makes me happy. That makes me smile.
   He has taken those moments and turned them to smiles, peace, thoughtful decisions, true rest and a thankful heart. That puts a smile on my face which I can pass on to someone else, and hopefully it keeps on going. And hopefully my smile, there because of the beautiful things which God has done for me, gifts He has given, and experiences He's allowed, will be passed along to carry His joy to the next person. And then they can pass it on.

 It's not about me. It's about Him.

And a little smile goes a long way.

You never know what someone is going through today.
   You never know what frustration a person might be experiencing.
      You never know what burdens a person is carrying.

Words are not always necessary.
   A little smile goes a long way.

It has touched me countless moments. My mom often smiled more than she talked.
  Perhaps I should continue to learn from her and do the same thing.

A little smile goes a long way.

Carry someone a smile today. Maybe to your barista, or a cashier, or your spouse, or the person in line behind you.  A little smile really does go a long way.

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