Saturday, June 15, 2013

A tribute to my dad

In light of father's day, I wanted to say thankyou to my dad, here for him and anyone else to read.
 I have been blessed with a wonderful dad. I am a daddy's girl at heart.

My dad.....
  - Taught me how to drive. It started on the tractor at age 8, continued on his  pickup truck and so on.
 - Taught me hard work ethics. I am a farmer's daughter. He taught me the value of working hard, the value of a dollar and the value of good work ethics.
 -Taught me about money. I watched dad be wise with his money always. I watched him give faithfully to God when we had nothing. I watched him sacrifice his needs for ours. I watched him buy us special gifts every now and then, and because those moments were rare, those gifts were always treasures. Sometimes it came in fudge covered cookies; sometimes it came in an outdoor play toy. No matter what fashion it arrived in to us, the gift was powerful.
 -Taught me about God. Through his life. Through his quiet prayer times at the table early morning. Through his being a kids' sunday school teacher (which he still does!) And through his every day conversations.

My dad.....
  -Loved me when I needed it most.
 -Forgave me when it was undeserved.
 -Laughed with me when life got crazy.
 -Cried when he gave me away.

My dad...
  -Used to throw me into my bed as alittle girl. He'd grab my hands and feet, say a little poem, and toss me into bed. Then we'd giggle and he'd give me one of his awful whisker rubs and we'd laugh even more.
 - Took me on drives. Through the country; through the fields. To his job sites.
 - Sang out at church to the hymns, even though his voice wasn't qualified for any record deals.
 -Served faithfully in childrens ministry, alongside mom often times; Served as a deacon at church; Has stood as a faithful farmer in the community; and is following God each day with his life.

My dad.....
  -Loved mom endlessly
 -Provided for mom selflessly
 -Cared for mom daily
 -Let go of mom gracefully
 - Grieved quietly
 -Moves on gently

Dad is an example to me every day. Not everyone gets my dad....but I do. I am a daddy's girl deep down. I'm so much like him in so many ways. I fall asleep on the couch after working hard all day. I worry endlessly at times about the most minor details. I laugh at really stupid jokes I tell. I strive to teach my kids to follow Jesus. I mess up,  but I get back up. I say uncommon phrases when I get mad-Fiddlesticks, for example. I try to end a conversation, but then continue it for another 10 minutes. I love to talk. (Dad closed up the church on numerous occasions.)
    My dad's love is unique. I am thankful for him daily. He has become a hero to me. And dad understands my grief unlike any other person in my life. He is probably the only one to grieve mom's passing harder than I have.
 I am so very thankful for my dad. Happy father's day !!!!

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