Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's the little things

The more I applied the idea of a glass half full to my life today, the more I realized just how happy the little things make me. It is also the little things that seem to make people I cross paths with every day be happy.
 And thus, today's blog is born. This is a light-hearted, carefree, kick off your shoes and smile kind of blog.
 So, please join me with your iced coffee (or perhaps summertime lemonade?) outside in the sunshine, while I share a few brief words about "the little things".
 These are some of the little things in life that make me smile. When I think of them, I just can't help but  grin. Because it is summer, and I really love the summer, today I will tell you summer time small things that are on my "happy list".
   - Lightning bugs
      -Jumping on the trampoline
  -My son's silly, semi-toothless grin
           -My daughter's giggle
-My husband's jokes
      - The feel of grass under my bare feet
 -Flip flops
      -Blazing hot sun in the afternoon
 -Driving with the windows down, radio up, singing at the top of my lungs
              -Birthdays and celebrations to go with them (May-August there is one constantly in our family! including me, my husband, and both kids)
     - Fireworks
           - Fresh smoothies
   -Orange popsicles
 - Star gazing
                    -Long walks
        -Sweaty, morning runs
-Warm breezes
   -wheat harvest and straw baling season
-Rhubarb pie
                     -Colorful flowers
        -Walks in the park with the family
   -Drive in movie theater
                -No school for the kids
    - Afternoon thunderstorms
 -The smell of rain
      -A warm, summer, early morning Rain Run
            -The smell of freshly mown grass
       -Making a customer smile
             -Giving my customers a place to be carefree in an often times stressful environment
 -A warm cup of coffee to wake me up at 4 am

These are just a handful of little things I thought of today as I experienced some and remembered some and enjoyed some. It's often times the little things that are overlooked, yet they bring so much joy! I am really a kid at heart. I allow seriousness and sadness in far too often to overcloud these little things that make me grin like a little girl.

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