Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Today brings another year to a close.  Like many others I know, I'm ready to wrap this year up, tie the bow on it and put it away. Not to forget about it, but to keep moving forward. To open up a new year, with new beginnings. A new year is always a fresh way to see life.
   I want to say so many different thoughts about this year and what it has been and all I have learned. For me, this has been one of my biggest growing and learning years, with some of the most painful days of life, and yet some of the most beautiful as well.  The old saying of You can't have a rainbow without the rain holds accuracy to this year for me.
  A good friend once told me that some life events just cannot be put into words. The experience is so deep and so meaningful, that it just cannot be explained. It's simply lived, and the person having that experience is the only one human who can truly understand the depth of the moment and where it takes them. I find those words adequate for my year. There are so many thoughts about my experiences and my journey this year I want to share, and yet I feel speechless much of the time when I try. Because it has become a journey with God, meant to be understood between me and Him for right now. And really, that's a rare and wonderful thing to be able to say.
  So, for now, i will quit trying to explain the amazing pieces of my year with inadequate words. I will just say some of the highlights. If you follow me all the time, you'll know that not everything about the year was wonderful, so don't get me wrong in this post. There have been plenty of moments about this year I just want to move past and keep going. But for today, I end the year by reflecting on some of the good, fun, and beautiful moments...
   A few of the best books I read were:  Millionaire in Flip Flops,   The Best Yes,   My Life on the Run. This coming year, I want to keep better record of what I read. I love a good book, fiction or non fiction. I just often times forget what I read. Those books have stuck with me, though.
   Great running moments for me: I ran 2 half marathons this year, each one having a different meaning, as they typically do. But the race i just ran in Florida in December was a great marker for me- fun, out of town, and a marker for my new training journey.  My 5K in memory of mom, the Linda A. Ferguson Memorial 5K, continues on. While this year held its difficulties for me, I already sense God moving in some neat ways for the coming year. I look forward to what He will do with it. For His glory, not mine.
  Family times: We were privileged to do some great family moments this year. The trip to Utah was no doubt the most memorable vacation we ever have had. From hiking, to four wheeling, to hanging out with my brother, sister in law and nephew, the kids, Michael and I  talk about those moments fondly. Best vacation ever. Michael and I were able to go to Florida just the 2 of us to see our best friends, and that was a weekend of laughter and fun without the kids. Christmas this year was a special one. Not because we got a lot of cool things. On the contrary, it was a low key time which made it more enjoyable. We were a family. That's what made it the best holiday ever.  Michael and I celebrated 13 years together this month. Challenging times, yes, but challenge brings growth. An anniversary is always a good way to end the year.
  Career:  It cannot be written about this year without acknowledging once again the career shift I have experienced. I am incredibly happy in my job, and the whole process was God orchestrated. And, every time I recount the story of how I got into the marathon business, I smile and thank my mom, even if with a little bit of teary eyes. Because mom was always my supporter of running. And crazy as it sounds, if I'd never lost mom, I never would have started my own 5K, which led to my desire to learn more about the industry, which has ultimately led to my career. See.... God does use painful experiences to bring about beautiful moments.
  Friends:  I am a people person. I love to talk, I love to listen, I love to help. I love to know people. And this year, I crossed paths with countless new people . I said goodbye to some friends and like any path in life, those friends were just there for that time. And I have said hello to new friends. A few will be lifetime friends. But those others, they were part of my journey, or are currently part of my journey, in life. Some very special ones from this year would be MC, MN, KA, RA,  DP and BS. They know who they are.
  New Experiences:  I began doing and marking items off my 'bucket list' this year. I finally learned to swim! I am no athlete with it, but I can tell you now that I can do it. I traveled alone more. I can't say I love to do that, but there is an aspect of it which has taught me new things about myself. I gained new confidence. Insecurity may always be a  battle for me in some fashion; however, God brought me very far this year in that way of life.
   And the list goes on... but the year closes. 2015 will bring many new experiences and people and challenges, no doubt. But I am so excited to see what will come! Happy New Year!

Good friends

Marathon Staff

I got to snap a photo with the Air Force Running Team, celebrating their race
Hiking in Utah

Las Vegas

When I left the coffee world, I felt the love

Girlfriend Moments in Florida

My older brother, dad, my older sister and me

Half Marathon victory

The new addition to our family this year...Brutus

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