Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Run like a Diva

Sunday, I ran like a Diva.
  No, really, that was actually the name of the race- The Diva Half Marathon series.

But I felt like a Diva. Not because of the tiara and boa they pass out, but because I felt on top of the world out there running. I felt amazing. I felt happy. I loved every moment of the event. In the beginning of signing up for the event, it was my goal just to go have fun. But as I approached closer to the day, I decided I would go all out and find out where I was with my running. I love to run and I talk about running and I even make a career in the running industry, but much time has passed since I actually went all out.

So that became my goal. But in the process of executing goals, I always learn new lessons. Training and goal setting leads me to an end race, but quite honestly, the process of getting to that race is always more of a journey than I ever anticipate. God always teaches me new lessons about myself along the way.

The months of training leading up to this race held some personal difficulties for me. I faced big decisions about life. And I faced new truths about the journey I'm traveling. (Again, I reference back to my previous blog- we all have a story of this journey of life we are walking.)  And in this journey of training for the race, I found myself. Truly dug into the truths of who and what God says I am. And began to put those into place in new ways. Allowing those truths to seep in to my heart have given me a new joy I cannot even describe. And a new lightness to my step.

 This race was my first time to ever go away by myself for a race. The furthest I'd ever ventured away for a race was Kentucky, so this was a new experience for me. It was also my first race to not have Michael at the finish line. I missed having him there to cheer me on, but the overall experience was really good for me. I felt a bit more grown up somehow. A reminder again of having found myself along this journey. At age 32, you'd think I'd have found myself before this time, but this year, and specifically the last few months, have marked a new solidity in that aspect of life.
  I found myself saying to my friends over the weekend, "I am so happy. Happier than I have ever been."  And truly smiling for no reason at all except that I have a deep seeded joy within.
  A joy that comes from running races and doing a passion which I love. A joy that comes from achieving new goals. A joy that is rooted in truths of moving forward, of love and forgiveness and grace. A joy of unity within my own family and home, and the support being given to me in all my ridiculous goals. A joy of for the first time enjoying the holiday season once again. A joy of being covered in God's truths and who He says I am.....and finally being that.

 So yes, this race I truly felt like a Diva.
 And I ran my heart out. While I concentrated on my goal and used a mantra given to me courtesy of my boss and repeated it when I felt like I was losing steam, I also smiled as I ran. And when I finished in 2:31, I raised my fist in satisfaction.
 Because the journey of this race has led me to knowing some incredible pieces about priorities and passions and people.
Going a new direction and not looking back. Psalm 103, my sins are as far as the east is from the west. And I am pushing forward. A new direction that is beautiful. Part of my journey this fall. 

Kristen and myself, ready to run

Of course I had some relaxing time at the beach as well. 

 Pre Race

The Diva Run. The tiara and boa were silly fun, but what a race! Toasting it off with a glass of champagne and fresh rose. 

Post Race Good Times

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