Friday, December 5, 2014

People Watching ....And Stories

I'm sitting in the Atlanta Airport, waiting on my next flight to take me to my sunny and warm destination of Jacksonville, Florida. The weekend of my half marathon has finally arrived! I am like a little kid, as I walk through the airports and watch people and anticipate that in less than 48 hours I will be hitting the pavement once again. It's been a while since I have done a big race, and to be back in it feels like a child eagerly waiting to open that Christmas present.
 To say I am excited for my Sunday race is an understatement.

But as I sit here in the airport, I have been people watching. One can learn a lot by sitting and watching. Over the course of the last few years, I have gained much insight and wisdom from watching and listening and learning to keep my mouth shut.
 But in the midst of an unfamiliar place, with people of all ages milling about, I am always quite curious and in amazement as I watch and listen.
 I've encountered young moms carrying babies, middle aged couples traveling together quietly, businessmen in suits and bluetooths attached to their ears, talking important details as they scurry through the terminal, a not so sober woman spewing words loudly, oblivious to her behavior and men and women of different cultures, people of all sizes and shapes...and I watch and I wonder. Where is their journey today? What's their story?  I am a people-person. I love to hear what a persons story is- why they are traveling, what's their purpose, and so on.

 We all have a story. Each one of us is made in a unique way, with events and details that happen over the course of our years. It doesn't matter if a person is 12 or 32 or 84. Each of us is on a journey, we all have a story. And I believe it's important we share those stories. We can learn from one another, if we take the time to stop, listen and invest.
So often we are all busy and just don't find the time to connect. There is much evidence of that even in the airport and the few people I've encountered today. Or perhaps we have fear in sharing our stories because we have been hurt too many times by others. Sharing our stories can be scary. But as I sit and watch these people today, and wonder what each persons story is, I think about my own life and my story.
  I have a deep desire to make a difference, and that's the honest truth. My life has by no means been worse than what many people have experienced. In fact, I have experienced a plethora of God's blessings. But that doesn't make my story less important . God can use it. Sometimes I think i sit and write meaningless details, stories of my running or growing up or whatever is on my mind and heart that day. But my prayer and my hope is that as I share my heart, that it can find its way to making a difference somehow. I have been pondering this blog the last few days, and I think as December brings 2014 to a close, my blog posts may have some silliness and some reflection in it, but as 2015 pushes closer, the point of the blog may take a twist. I want to make a difference. Perhaps dive a bit deeper into my story, which ultimately leads to sharing deeper truths of God's love, grace, redemption. That's the whole point of why we are here- to share, to make a difference, to bring others closer to God.
 we all have a story. We can all make a difference, if only we have a willingness. I want my story to be used for His glory.

In recent conversations about my running lately, I've been choosing new goals for the spring. (yep, there I go again, ever the goal setter!) But the conversation with the other goal setter ended by saying, in talking about the goals, "I don't care if I succeed at the goal. If I fail, it's ok. Because while I set the goal and want to achieve it, it's really about the journey to get there. So it's really a success any way I look at it."
 And that can be said of life, too. Our lives are, in part, about the journey. And what we do with that journey. Will you dare to share yours? It can make a difference you may never even know about, but it starts with sharing.

That being said...I'm about to board for warm weather and a good time of seeing some old friends and running a great race. So, I'm off. Stay tuned for details about the race, but more so about the journey this particular leg of training has taught me. Because a finished race always makes me reflect on the journey. And the story.....
One step one day at a time.

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