Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 1

November 1. Fall is most definitely here, but winter seems to be quickly approaching.
  This morning was a longer training run for me, and the hardest part was beginning because of how cold it was. In fact, as I ran, snow flurries fell around me.
 I believe it's a good thing that I'm training for a race in Florida, because that sure does add a push factor for me. To be completely honest, I cannot wait to get away for a weekend in Florida, and doing an activity I love.
    I love training. As hard as it can be at times,  especially in this cold weather, I love the outcomes. Every single race I run holds some kind of meaning for me. For many, that is silly. A race is a race. But for me, while I don't start out training thinking "oh, this race is about...." the journey of the training often times becomes that. This race I have taken on a new mantra. A race mantra, but a life mantra, too. And this race has become about my new mantra.
 Many people have mantras they repeat while running. Many have life mantras.
 I have used "It's all Good" Because my best friend says that and I love it. But it wasn't mine. I have said "No Worries" I have said "Dig Deep"
 But the newest phrase I have landed on is "Stronger Than Yesterday".
Because I am stronger than yesterday.
  2014, and specifically the fall, has held some extreme challenges for me. But, in all of it, I have become stronger than yesterday. We all do, if we evaluate and truly look at our lives. We are all stronger today than yesterday.
 But with my running, this training round was a challenge. I was tired. I had a lot going on. But I sat down, made my schedule and pushed through ( pushing through) the challenges and I am stronger than yesterday because I got up and ran. I am stronger than yesterday because I have learned new things about myself. I am stronger than yesterday, not through my own strength, but through the strength of Christ alone.
 Stronger than Yesterday.

 November is here, believe it or not. In 34 days I will run the Diva Half Marathon, and I cannot wait. I am stronger than yesterday, one day at a time.

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