Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Little Moments

I'm striving to be back to my basics- the things I love.
 Being me. Easier said than done at times, because the demands of life can become all consuming at times. And when those demands become all consuming, the little moments escape all too easily. And so it is important to me to return to my end of the week little moments blog post. To remind myself what matters and what made me smile throughout the week. A time to sit and just take a deep breath and say "thank you, Lord, for the little moments." So, here are some of my little moments from this week:
  - An unexpected phone call from a long lost friend to remind me to keep pressing on
    - A crisp morning run
      - A beautiful Indian Summer day, yellow leaves boasting their colors against the bright blue sky
  - Playing Boggle (Yes...Boggle, the old fashioned not much heard of any more game) with my 10 year old son  
     - Making banana bread, which in essence, made someone else's day better.
 - Feeling excited to run and train again and the good feeling that comes when a run is complete
    - a shirt on sale!
    - My new friends Liz and Sandra, who made me feel a part of their family from the time I met them to now all the texts and emails we exchange already
        - A warm hug
  - A quiet car ride, no words needed, just good company
      - Crisp, clean sheets
          - Hot Apple Cider
            - Discovering new things about myself
       - Finding time to read again
- Morning dew on the grass and fog rising around me
  the little moments are all around me. It's time to remember them again. Every day. One day at a time.

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