Friday, November 21, 2014

The Little Moments

Friday. Freezing Cold Friday. But we can certainly still find little moments for which to be grateful.
  Especially with Thanksgiving approaching.
So, this week, my little moments were good moments:

 - A gorgeous snowfall
  - A warm blanket
   - 2 healthy children
- A solid income - God's provisions for me daily
 - A campfire
   - A kind card, unexpected, lit up my day
- Hugs
  - My own health. I don't have back problems or knee problems or any kind of ongoing problems that prevent me from being active. I am extremely grateful for that.
   - Belly Laughs with my coworkers
- An upbeat, fantastic running playlist
   - Hot showers
     - Women willing to be there for me when I am so missing my mom
 - Hot Chocolate with my dad

 As Thanksgiving approaches, what better time than to find gratitude in all the little moments? The moments that often can go unnoticed. Things which, at times, I totally take for granted.

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