Thursday, November 13, 2014

A good sweat, A good cleanse

"Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach."

-George Sheehan

Every day, I receive an inspirational running quote in my inbox. Some days, they resonate a bit deeper with my story. Other days, they are silly and fun. And some days, they push the competitive gene in me when I may have the inclination to sleep in a little longer or run a bit slower.
 So, I really enjoy these running quotes. Perhaps one day I'll have my own collection of running quotes from all my conversations over the years. (yes, watch out if we are talking running, I may end up quoting you!)  In the meantime, I am inclined to write about the above quote.

This morning, with the cold snap having arrived, walking out the door was a challenge. I donned my winter running clothes for the first real time. (There have been a few days here and there that have been on the colder side, but this morning the thermometer was in the 20s!. Most definitely the coldest yet).  I know it's going to be a challenging run when, the moment I begin, I am already saying 'I can't wait for that hot shower!' . But.... I am in training. And the cold won't stop me. In fact, although it's hard to start out on that day, I usually find much joy in those cold runs, burning lungs and all.

But I really liked the quote that sweat cleanses from the inside, from places a shower cannot ever reach. That is a quote which resonates with my story. I am asked all the time why I run. I heard recently of the story of a runner who had damage to her leg . Her leg was so badly damaged that surgery wasn't fixing it. So she decided to have it amputated  so she can get a prosthetic and run again.
 My son was the one sort of recounting this story to me, and he thought it was crazy. He asked me if I would do that. And I answered "Yes, I believe I would." He wanted to know why. And I said because running means so much to me. Running helps me . And I believe I would want to do it to prove to myself that I would be ok and can overcome anything, just like this young lady is similarly doing. 
 Quite honestly it's hard to say, without really being in that place. But I believe that would be my response.
     The point is, sweat (aka running) cleanses places within me that a shower can never fix. Cleanses and frees me at times. Just a few of the examples of how this is true in my life, is that running helps me combat:
  - Depression
       -Stress at home or in my friendships
          - Weight gain (although that has never been my motivation, it certainly helps that area of life)
And brings new life to :
   - Discovering who I am
     - Liking myself
         -Starting the day right

So, like George Sheehan said, "Sweat (aka running) cleanses from the inside....."

and that is why I run. Why I train. Why I love being involved in the running industry. Why I enjoy doing races. Why I thrive when I talk to runners every day via email or phone in my job.

 Because I know first hand what running can and does do for me.

  My running mantra?
   I am Stronger Than Yesterday.

 (One day at a time...)

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