Friday, August 29, 2014

The Little Moments

there's no better day than today to recall the little moments through the week.... the moments that make me smile. The moments that cause me to pause and be grateful. .... The little moments.

  - a beautiful monarch butterfly, quietly hovering, allowing me to see the details of it's wings.
   - Cuddles with my son.  The fact that every night when I tuck him in, as I leave, it has become routine for him to say "Wait..." and come up with some silly question to ask just so I linger for an extra moment.  I've come to expect that now.

  -  Sitting on the patio, enjoying a thunderstorm rolling in.  A warm breeze tickling my skin; thunder rolling in in the background; lighting striking its blaze across the sky; the smell of a fresh rain pushing its way through the clouds.

    - Being greeted with a nice, giant genuine smile when I walk into the room.

 - Coffee. Yes, I say often that I am thankful for coffee. But.... sometimes it's not about the caffeine (and sometimes it is) but sometimes it's about a warm cup in my hand, which warms my soul and quiets my mind.

   - getting to do something fun and different for the job which I love. Getting to talk to different people about running and our event. I love people. I love running. I love my job . That's enough to put a smile on my face for sure :)

   - Grace. God's Grace. People's grace. Grace is a true picture of how we are supposed to live. Some struggle to extend grace. Others struggle to accept it. I feel grateful for grace all around. Grace is a true picture of Jesus.

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