Monday, August 11, 2014

August Challenge

What's life without some goals or challenges presented?
   I seem to function better at times because I set goals.
If you don't know me by now, you'll learn that I am a goal setter. At times, my goals are a bit lofty and unattainable. I have learned over time, however, to get more realistic with my goals.
  I am a runner. Runners often times are goal setters. Since I began running in 2008, I have set race goals, time goals, distance goals, finishing goals, and run so many days in a row goals.
  August brings about a new challenge for myself. I am setting out to run 100 miles in August.
Having run half marathons and a full marathon, I am sure that I have at some point, run 100 miles in a month's time. However, I have never really paid attention to that. And so, that brings me to the new goal of tracking it and completing 100 miles this month.
 I don't set out to do this because I am training for a race right now. I am not trying to set any time records or become something great through accomplishing this goal. It's simply a push for me. A challenge. I get up far before is necessary for my work day so I can have  a bit of quiet time and a good, solid run. I love the early morning hours. (But admittedly, some days it is tough to get out of bed.)
  I actually prefer not to wear time devices when I run, and just enjoy the moment of being alone. But, obviously, for this goal's purpose, I am wearing one and logging the miles day by day. I am at 25 miles so far. A quarter of the way to my goal, but the month is more than a quarter over, so I have a way to go.
  Anytime I set out on a challenge, I generally learn new characteristics inside me in some fashion. This time will be no different, I am sure. I'm 11 days into the challenge. Stay tuned at the end of the month for the exciting lessons learned (and exhausting moments of pushing through).
 My motto is "One day at a time". this challenge is no different. I will even break it down into "one step at a time" I will reach the 100 miles.

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