Friday, August 22, 2014

The Little Moments

The week has been overwhelmingly full, but it is the season for that, after all. Back to school, Marathon coming close, 5k not far behind that, and plenty more events to fill the fall season. Summer seemed to just start, only to wake up and I'm saying goodbye to it already. I can hardly believe how time is flying. (Does it make me old that I now say that so often??)
   My summer has been full of lessons learned, characteristics embraced, new life blooming, challenging times, wonderful moments, friendships growing and memories made.
 I have certainly propelled into a new phase of life, and one which comes with new challenges, as do all seasons, but one which I am loving.  In the grand scheme of it all, though, the little moments are what add up to being the most precious ones. I enjoy ending my week recollecting those moments. When life is beginning to spin in a stressful manner, stopping to embrace the little things makes a big difference. (If only I could remember to do this every time!) This week is no different.  Here are a few random little things from my week that have brought smiles, pauses, joy or quiet reflections.
  It's the Little Moments... Like...

 -Driving with the sunroof open (in the passenger seat) and looking up at the clear blue sky with white blazes across it
  -Singing as loud as I can because it feels good; or even singing a bit more quietly, but at my desk, and not caring who might hear because it's fun to sing
    - A solid's night sleep.
 - Dinner with a friend from far away in town for a night
   - Running in the rain
- The smell of beautiful flowers blooming, fresh with dew on them, as I pass by a blossoming bush in the early morning hours
  - Hugs
      - An encouraging update email in the midst of a chaotic planning time for the upcoming 5K in October
    - Helping out a friend
 - Realizing that I am not going to accomplish a goal I set (which would normally really frustrate me) but being okay with it. Growth in the works for me :)
   - In light of watching a family losing their precious family member right now, and understanding what that is like, I am thankful for the precious memories I have of my mom
  - A hot shower
     - The sound of my son snoring in his bed, tucked away safe and cozy
          - Listening to Elizabeth pray

Those are the things that matter.
It's the little moments that add up. Happy Friday!

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