Friday, August 15, 2014

The Little Moments

Friday brings recollection. And with that comes my newfound posts of gratitude of my collection of little moments through the week.  I now call this post "The Little Moments" each week because the times I find myself smiling truly bloom out of the little moments.
  1. A beautiful sunrise Thursday morning, full of purple and pink bursts, literally causing me to stop and stare. And thank God for His painting across the sky.
     2. Hearing the words "Thank you for being my mommy"
 3. Knowing there is someone who's got my back. No matter what.
     4. The freedom and feeling of wind blowing through my hair.
 5. Bacon
        6. The hummingbird at the bird feeder, fluttering its wings. A picture of peace.  A reminder that God cares for the birds, and He cares for me even more.
   7. Baking bread with Joseph and remembering it doesn't matter how messy it gets, just have fun.
     8.  Dandilions blowing in the wind
         9. A firefly lighting up the sky. Probably the last to see this summer.
  10. A heartbreaking sad moment in time reminding me to be grateful for all that I have and how far God has brought me out of those places.
     11. Beautiful memories of my mom. Some days are busy and time has passed to where  I don't dwell on or think about it every day. But some days, like yesterday, mom and dad's anniversary date, those memories flood my mind and bring smiles and gratitude.
The little moments. They are all around you. You simply have to be open to seeing them.

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