Friday, August 1, 2014

It's All Good

A great way to end a busy week is to recall the details for which I am thankful. I have started keeping a thankful journal again, and doing so has become a great practice at the end of the day.
  No matter how chaotic or stressful or busy or hurtful or good or fun a day is, there can always be good moments found in a day if we look for them.
  One of my closest friends has the mantra : "It's all good"  And while I am still progressing to embrace this every single moment of the day, keeping a thankful journal (and stealing the mantra for my own self) help make strides in seeing that It truly is all good. One way or another, there is always good to be found.  Some days the good is harder to see, but that's the beauty of embracing the mantra and keeping a thankful journal- you purposefully have to pause and see that no matter the stress or situations, good and beauty can still be found. So, to name a few from my week, here are some of my "thankful" details from the week.
  This idea isn't mine- I've read it in more than one book. So don't credit me with doing this. Try it. You'll be amazed what you might find in a day.
  - Soft frozen lemonade (Memory in a cup, I say)
- My daughter's hugs
   - A person coming alongside and encouraging growth/ a friend who believes in me regardless/ who sees the potential within
- An awesome job, full of hard work but tons of fun and great coworkers and new, stretching but proving experiences
- A solid, strong cup of coffee
     - Sitting by the river quietly, just taking in the beauty of nature
 - Experiencing the different hues of sunrise
     - Funnel Cake
          - Playing a game with the kids I laugh so hard I have tears
  -Sweatshirts. I may be the only one, but Yes, even in July I am thankful for sweatshirts.
     - Firefighters. This week, dad's truck caught on fire while he was in it. Thanks to the firefighters, he is safe and fine. Truck is totaled, but "it's all good" quite truly, because dad is unharmed.

                                         What do you have to be thankful for this week? 


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