Saturday, May 24, 2014

Still Going Strong

"Run often, Run long, but never outrun your joy of running."
   Julie Isphording

I am on day 19 of the 30 day running challenge, and I am still going strong.  This challenge has certainly been a challenge for me, but it has been an enjoyable one, and different from any I have ever pushed myself through. 
 A recap of some of the days look like this:

  Day 10- The morning was dark and drizzly. The night had been full of pouring rain, but as I started off, there was only a drizzle in the air. However, not long into the run, the pour down began. I had opted out of my glasses for the run, which is a rarity because I can't see far without them. However, rain covered glasses don't get me far, either. So, I decided it would be a shorter run. The downpour began, and all I can say is that it was warm enough out that I became like a child again, splashing in the puddles. I didn't avoid them, i laughed as I ran through them. I didn't mind the downpour, I ran harder through it. I didn't care about my shirt and face dripping wet, I wiped my face and pushed on with a smile. Day 10 was wet, but it was fun. A welcome change. A reminder that no matter the weather, life still goes on. A reminder in life parallel, that no matter the difficult times, the rainy days, the rough patches that happen, smiles can still be found, the sun eventually reappears, and life will carry on and I will somehow always be ok. 
Day 10 end of run. I look like a drowned rat!
Who shares awful photos like these? Only a crazy runner such as myself....


Day 11 was polar opposite of day 10. A cold front blew through with the rain, and I woke up to a cold and gross morning. I did not want to run this day. I had loved the warmth, being in shorts, and feeling free. Having a cold snap in the middle of that was like tight muscles, restrictive clothing and the blood taking time to warm up just in time for run to be ending. However, I pulled out my lightweight running pants and dragged myself out the door. The run didn't end up being so terrible. I had left the headphones at home, and enjoyed the sound of the birds chirping and drinking in the smells of the morning grass and the post rain air.  By the end of the run, my blood was warmed up and quite honestly, I did not want to stop. 

Day 12  I am happy to say I was able to take my running buddy out once again. The vet cleared Dexter for some short runs, so day 12 was the first for him to go out with me again. I don't know if he was more excited or if I was! We could only go for a mile, so day 12 was short, but sweet. He did great, stayed by my side, and pranced like a puppy. It was nice to have him out with me again. He did great, and eventually will be on long runs with me again, but not for a bit of time. He needs time still, so it's baby steps. Having him for a mile was joyful.

Day 18 I had friends join me once again. I rarely can talk people into the early morning time with me anymore, but on day 18, Tiffany and Laura met up with me and out we went. For me, as much as I enjoy the solitude of my runs at times, I do enjoy the companionship at times, too. I had missed having people with me. I said to Tiffany "haven't you missed these runs??"  She turned her headphones higher and laughed and said "Huh? I can't hear you!" We laughed and kept going.... 

  today is day 19. I'll lace up and head out soon. When I began this journey, I had interviewed for my new job, but had not heard yet whether it would be. I began this journey of 30 days, and what a journey it is becoming, as through this journey, I will be closing up one chapter and beginning another. When this 30 day journey ends, I will be in my new job, which centers around running at the Marathon office. This 30 day challenge has become so much more to me than just going out running for 30 days straight. I am recognizing all new things about myself and when I run each day, it gives me time to process those recognitions and it gives me time to recollect the past days and be excited about the future. The 30 day challenge has become a journey of faith for me as much as pushing myself to run every day.  

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