Saturday, May 24, 2014

Coffee is a Love Language: The Three Musketeers

                    Chapter 5. The Three Musketeers

They are silly, sarcastic and sentimental all rolled into one. I love their daily morning visits and occasional afternoon stop by for their coffees. 
  The Three Musketeers, I call them. They bring smiles to the day with their crazy ideas and conversations. They bring heartfelt hugs on days like mom's death anniversary. They see things that others don't, and then bring it around as a joke the next day that only we would understand. They are totally the three musketeers. 

 Musketeer one: She is unique and wonderful.  She has been my customer the longest of all of them. She drinks a large coffee every morning, and often times the pot runs out on her and she is "blessed" enough to have learned my process well enough to grab the new, freshly brewed pot. She will not take the cup or the lid if it is the last one in the box, and frequently, though there is one cup left, I will have to go get a new sleeve so that she will be satisfied. I have embraced these things about her. She is part of the motherless daughters. She understands my frustrations and hurts and listens well. She is definitely silly and sarcastic, but she is sentimental too. 

Musketeer two: She rolls her eyes often at the other 2 musketeers, but totally out of love. She brings reality to the table. She drinks a medium mocha, non fat, no whip, every single morning. Her afternoon drink is a simple black coffee. She follows my blog and supports my endeavors. Often times she has happened by the silliest moments in the coffee shop, and thus, we share laughs frequently. She has a caring heart that reaches beyond places she even realizes. Musketeer two does her best to bring the other silly ones back to moments of reality from their far fetched ideas, which are so very crazy at times. She listens and cares. 

Musketeer three: She does not show her sentimental side as often, but it's deep in there. I force hugs on her.  She is the newest to my body of customers, as the three musketeers go. She likes tons of whipped cream on her drink. She finds ways to laugh when there should be tears involved. She has a quick comment for everything, which is quite endearing about her. She always includes me in the conversations. She's brave and strong and understands grief like no woman her age should. She has become a great friend to me as well. In fact, she tried to declare the others to wear green in honor of my leaving. 

These three are found together in my shop nearly every morning. I look forward to their visits, to hearing what crazy idea they are brewing up on that day. One of the latest having something to do with making their kids steal something and go to prison so they could get a free education....(mind you, they are not serious, but just listening to these crazy conversations is hysterical and leaves me speechless at times).  They quietly acknowledged the anniversary of my mom's death- not something everyone was aware of. Two of the three have a deep understanding of grief in ways we should never have to comprehend. The third quietly lends her support in all ways- by being there, by giving cards, by coming to the walks. She may not have that circle of understanding per say, but she is one of the few in life to let us grieve and just listen and be there. Each of them reached out to me on day of my half marathon to wish me luck.  The three musketeers are confident women, whom I admire for their strength in each of their own ways. 
  One- a single mom, strong in her provision and love. Others come first always.Her silliness. Her realness.
  Two- a confident woman. Loves others and listens well. Cares deeply and gives back.
 Three- a strong woman in character. Loves God. Does not let others bring her down, she is strong in who she is. 

  These silly three musketeers have given me much about which to laugh and remember. 

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