Tuesday, May 6, 2014

30 Day Challenge

I love a good goal. That's me for ya: ever the goal setter in most every aspect of life. I love to set goals. I don't go crazy with them, but having a goal helps me push to be better with some type of achievement in sight.
 I've set half marathon and marathon race goals. I've set time goals with my distance runs. I have set sales goals for myself in the coffee shop. I have set goals for the 5K/scholarship funds. I set spiritual goals, home goals and so forth- you get the idea.
  Once I used to set pretty silly goals that could honestly never be accomplished. (Those of you who read and knew me growing up can testify to that...) I learned my lesson and now my goals are more realistic, but still push me in healthy ways.
So, I share my latest challenge. I challenge myself to a 30 day running streak.

 Some of you may find that to seem silly, since I am a passionate runner. However, I am passionate runner who ALWAYS takes rest days. Right now, I have no large races looming, though I will have races. That being said, I wanted to find a way to keep pushing my limits anyway, and this is what I came up with to do....run 30 days straight. Rain or Shine. Heat or Cold (thankfully, for the most part, we are past the yucky cold, I believe). Running buddy or not. Weekend or Weekday. I want to run 30 days straight. A run is 1 mile or more, but no less.
   Quite frankly, I am excited about this challenge. I know there will be tough days, because if we have a busy weekend, it means I will not sleep in, so that I can still do this. I know that some days I will miss my "rest" day.  I have no doubt this will push me a little.
  However, excitement rises in me with new goals. I learn new characteristics about myself. I do something I have never done before, which has become an aspect of life I have embraced, rather than run away from (pun not intended).  I grow spiritually when pushing through a goal- mostly because I rely on God in all new ways, no matter if it's a physical or emotional goal to which I am striving.
   The next 30 days are not about losing weight or getting faster or being that insane runner out there. The next 30 days are part of my journey of 2014 and learning about myself, pushing in new ways, seeking new opportunities and drawing closer to God. The next 30 days will teach me lessons, I have no doubt.
   And I will share every now and then what is happening through this 30 day challenge/journey. If you are brave enough, (or crazy enough) to join me, I'd love you to also join! But find your reasons for doing a 30 day challenge. Perhaps it'll be a 30 day eating habit change. Perhaps a 30 day weight training goal. Perhaps a 30 days spiritual prayer journey. Perhaps a 30 day "stop complaining" journey. Find something that will push you a little more. A little more towards God; a little more towards being a better person. Find whatever  works for you. And share. I'd love to hear about it and encourage you in the journey.

  Drop a comment and let me know...
     I will keep you posted in my journey.
In the meantime, one day at a time, I am taking up the running streak challenge.  Day 1 began today, and as hard as it was to wake up today, the run felt so good, and so exciting. A new challenge begun.... and quite honestly, the better I feel, the more smiles I can project through the day, the better wife I can be, the happier mom I can be, and so on.....
 One day at a time....whatever the challenge may be.

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