Tuesday, May 13, 2014

8 days into the 30 day challenge

Today is day 8 of the 30 day challenge. You know...the one where I am pushing myself to run 30 days straight. To do something I have never done. To grow and learn and stretch myself.
   Here is the weekly update.

Day 5 was the first day which presented a true challenge. I was tired, it was Saturday, and it was pouring rain. I had a busy day ahead of me with garage sale, shopping, and a baby shower. But I'd committed myself to this challenge and I was not backing out of it. I laced up and headed out the door. I decided 2 miles would suffice for the goal of the day. I ran with no watch, no time goals: just pure love of the sport. The run felt amazing. I loved the pitter patter of rain falling on my skin. I loved the smell of it as it hit the grass and gave off a fresh scent of summer. I loved the quiet I had in the moment.  Day 5, the first true challenge day, has been one of my favorite runs in the first week of the journey.
   On day 6, it was Mother's Day. An emotional day for me, but a celebration day, too, as I wanted to remember mom, but celebrate being a mom. I chose that day to do something I rarely do: I slept in until 7. Because of this, I knew I'd be taking an afternoon run instead of a morning run. That was ok: it was my day to enjoy my family and soak in the morning snuggles while they last. As afternoon rolled around, I laced up and headed out for day 6 run. It was hot and sunny. I love the sun. I also love the heat. I also don't sweat terribly when I run so I don't mind all the heat of the day. On that run, I found my thoughts turning to my mom, and how she always laughed that out of all her children, I had become the runner in the family. (To be fair, there was a lot of humor in that because I was the only of 4 children to not participate in athletics).  On this run, I also remembered I am not an afternoon runner. I do get up at 4 so I can run, in part because I work an early morning job; I also get up at 4 and run because I love the morning air, quiet and fresh start of the day.
 Day 7, I was awakened with thunder and lighting, so that run also had to be put off until the afternoon. I hesitated, but only for a moment. Again, I am a morning runner. But this is a challenge for a reason- because I will face challenges ....one being that some days it will have to be put off until later in the day.

 Today is day 8. I am still going strong. I need some new routes, as doing this for 30 days straight simply cannot take place on the same route. But all in due time...
What am I learning? Once again, mind over matter. I can run for 30 days in a row, but determination is a big part of that. But I can take that determination and apply it to my every day. Determination to chase a dream. Determination to fix some broken aspects of life. Determination to be who I am in spite of life's challenges. Determination to break old habits. Determination to step into the new and unknown. I am learning a new aspect of determination. I can't wait to see what the next 22 days will bring. One day, one run at a time.

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