Friday, May 16, 2014

Be still and hear His voice

 The question is asked by many: “How can I hear God when He isn’t physically here?”
   Some days I struggle to answer that. But in the last few days, I can clearly say I have found that answer in the little things through the day. And so as I hear His voice, I write about it so as to share the answer in the future with those who may ask. Or to remind myself when I can’t hear Him clearly at times. 

  His voice is in the whispers of the wind. Today the wind blows hard outside my window. I can hear it whooshing and sweeping around the house and the trees as morning dawns. It is His voice, proclaiming He is here, by my side, whooshing me into His presence. 

 His voice is in the beauty of the mountains. The cascades of colors could only be drawn by Him. This is evidence of His hand coloring the picture of life and creation. He numbers them, He draws them, He colors them and He is in charge of them. 

 His voice is in the heat of the sun and the pitter patter of the rain. Only those contrasts could be made by a God in control. He guides the patterns and He controls the elements, just as He guides and controls my heart as I allow Him. 

 God’s voice is heard through the tweeting of spring birds, the laughter of my children playing, the pounding of running feet on pavement and so much more. 

 God is everywhere. And though it is true He doesn’t speak audibly to us, He is speaking to us every moment of every day; we just have to be still and listen. We have to open our eyes and hearts to all that is around us. He is in a hug handed out, a kind word given, and the dawning beauty of creation. He is shouting how He loves us and wants to show us that. He is telling us He is ALWAYS with us. He is  surrounding us with His constant presence all the time. 
In a busy world full of to do tasks, errands to run, jobs to do, projects to finsish, stressful moments at home and at work, broken hearts and sins committed, it is easy not to stop and be still. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all those hurts and yucky  parts of life. But what if, for one day, we decided just to stop and be still? Or even if we can’t slow down enough to be still, what if we just chose to be thankful all day? No complaining.... Could  we do it? And if we did that, how different would those around us be? 
  Seeing God in all the moments, hearing His voice, recognizing His presence begins with me. And you. It begins in all the little moments of a day. And make one day into two, and three and so on... How different would not only those around me be if I choose to do this, but how different would I be?? 
  Choosing to be still and be positive and see God in every moment. Yes, even those hurtful, yucky, just want to forget kind of moments, He can be found there too. If we listen. 

 Not even one day at a time, but one moment at a time. I challenge myself with this. 

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