Monday, October 7, 2013

The Legacy Banquet

The Legacy Banquet.
  Tears filled my eyes on more than one occasion as the president of Cedarville University addressed the crowd....the crowd in which I unrealistically sit now each year in memory of my mom.
  Friday Night I had the opportunity to take part in the yearly Legacy Banquet at Cedarville University. This banquet is put on by the university to honor donors of scholarships.
  My dad and I are asked to be there to take part because of the scholarship we give out in memory of mom.
   The Legacy Banquet always is a humbling reminder of why we do what we do.

I love how this banquet falls at a time of year that happens to be the weekend before Mom's 5K. I love that because it is during this time that I am tremendously caught up in all the details of putting this event on. My living room is full of boxes of shirts, pens, coupons from sponsors, bib numbers and race details. All of these things are exciting elements of hosting an event which I love to do. However, the entire reason we put on this event is because we are striving to grow the scholarship in memory of mom.

 We are setting out to help students who could not otherwise afford to attend the University. We do this event to help these young individuals who will further His Kingdom, one patient at a time. We do this 5K so that we have funds to give as a gift to young people who will not touch just one person, but hundreds, on behalf of the love of Christ. We do this so that God can ultimately receive glory.
 The banquet helps remind me of our reasons at a time it can be easy to forget.

 Sitting next to my dad, taking in the events, the food, the speeches, and the students sitting among us, is a very humble reminder of the small piece we get to play being His hands for His plans.

 With this comes a varying amount of emotions.
     Renewed excitement for the upcoming event and what we are striving to accomplish.
        A twinge of sadness as we also recall the memory of mom that is bound to our scholarship.
            A sense of humility in playing a small part for His Kingdom.
    A sense of awe over all God is doing around us, through us, and for us.

I love doing the 5K, and it is just days away for me. But I love even more watching God work, and I see him do that every year in me through this event. The humble reminders handed out during the banquet often bring me back to the realities of His work.

 The time with my dad was precious as well. After the banquet, we stood under the stars talking, and even soaking in just a few quiet moments of nothing being said, knowing where both our thoughts were being directed- toward the beauty of my mom.
  This post today has nothing much profound to offer.  I am just being humbly reminded daily that I GET to be a part of His work each day, and my home is not here....but I am striving toward the eternal. Mom did that. She did that one day at a time, and now I am learning to be doing it one day at a time as well. The Legacy Banquet was a drop in the bucket of reminding me of that. Onward this week towards the unfolding of a piece of that work- the Linda A. Ferguson Memorial 5K. One day at a time....It's not about me; It's about Him.

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