Friday, October 11, 2013

Doing all things through Christ

I have been reminded today that I may make my own plans, but God ordains what my life is every step of the way.
  The fact that I have become quite sick this week, in the midst of a very busy time of an approaching event, is God's way of telling me to REST! I don't do that well. I am sure I will have to learn the lesson over and over, like a hammer slamming a nail into a wall. I very easily get caught up in the details and the daily grind that it usually takes getting sick to force me to take a deep breath and slow down.

This 5K is no exception, of course. I have run myself ragged, by my own fault, only to become sick and take away from a tad bit of the joy in the days leading up to the very event.
 So, I am once again humbly reminded that I can make all the plans I want, but God is in charge. Not me.  I have had to sleep at a time when (I felt) much needed done.
   I have had to call on others and ask for help in a situation that I want to do it all myself.
     I have had to call on all my prayer warrior friends asking for much prayer to get well, or at the very least, make it through.
      Most importantly, I have been reminded of the truth that I can do all things only through Christ.

Not through my strength and energy.
  Not through my friends' help.
    Not through my family's support.
I can do all things through Christ alone.
  He gives me people to help through the circumstances and events, but all in all, without Him I am nothing.

 So tomorrow, the event which I have spent months of time and energy and planning, is finally here. I am SO excited (and yes, nervous) to watch it unfold as God has planned, not as I have planned.
 And as next week brings me into a wind down, I will remember the valuable lesson I have been learning lately of rest, And strive to apply it. One day at a time.
 For all my readers who may be running tomorrow, below is a preview of a banner from one of our sponsors. For those of you who can't be there, but are faithful supporters in my life, thank you.
 Here is a caption of the energy our race will bring tomorrow.... a race that in essence makes a huge difference for the future!

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