Sunday, October 2, 2016

What I Learned in September

September was so packed full of events, I can't even believe it's gone. I always think the next month will slow down, but who am I kidding?
 September was full, but fulfilling, too. Challenging, but growing. September brought new friends and new memories. September taught me new lessons. Here is what I learned:

 1. I have a new favorite word- PROCAFFIENATE
    I am not a person who likes to put off projects, but I am one who most always needs a cup of coffee to get me going to accomplish them. Instead of being called procrastinate, it's "procaffeinate" and it means putting off projects until a cup of coffee is in hand. I found this to be especially true this month when it came to my school work. I was busy and exhausted and pretty much always needed that cup of coffee to keep me focused and going on the task at hand. I don't procrastinate (I actually don't- it drives me nuts.) But I do procaffeinate - I work better with the coffee in hand.

2. I enjoy Art
   I am taking an Art appreciation course this fall and I am surprised by what I am finding. Our first assignment was to study two of Pablo Picasso's paintings, and it really surprised me which one I enjoyed more once I started evaluating it. Never one for abstract art,  I actually liked that one more that the more portrait looking painting. This class is interesting, and while it is a lot of reading where I need quiet (difficult in my house) I like it a lot.

3. Parenting Teens is Fun
    I know I should be careful what I say here, but I will say it again - parenting teenagers is fun. (Please remind me of this in a month because I will likely need it!) If you asked me even a month ago I would have told you that I would take the toddler years any day over these teenage years. But this phase of life is growing on me. I probably will forever miss my kiddos being young, but in this phase of life with them, I am really beginning to enjoy it so much.
 Elizabeth experienced her first homecoming. We had fun shopping for the dress and while it was a crazy day (the same day as the AF Marathon) talking with her and watching her grow up is special. We have some beautiful conversations these days and honestly, I know the years left are minimal so I am soaking these times in and really enjoying them. One evening I took her and her friends to Youngs Ice cream and let them hang out while I sat and read - that was so strange, but there is something special about watching her blossom. and random, but sometimes she looks so much like my mom it makes me stop for a moment.

 Joseph is also growing up so much. I have been enjoying watching him get better and better in cross country this fall. He's taken 10 whole minutes off his original race time through this season. He never quits. He inspires me, which you will find me saying more than once on my blogs. He's shifting in his studies, and that makes me happy. And our conversations have grown meaningful and deep (sometimes, anyway.) I love this phase of my kids' lives.
  Both kids are growing into leaders in their own ways and I love it.
Our 6 mile run/bike together. (I ran, he biked

4. Once a farm girl, always a farm girl.
  Hands down, my favorite place to go is dad's farm house. There is something so peaceful about there. Perhaps it is a little bit the memories that reside within those walls and yards, but also, I love the farm. And when I talk with others, I realize how much of that farm girl I still am. The trees, the space, the work, and who I became through growing up on a farm will forever run through my veins. If I dwell on it, I miss it. But I am so thankful for my dad and for the quiet farm I still get to go to.

 5. Everyone loves a mascot
   This year at the AF Marathon we introduced a new family member to the staff- Tailwind. And everyone fell in love with him! He is a great new addition to our group. He's fun and animated and entertaining.

 6. We are a team
   I won't elaborate, but I will say I love these guys. We are a little family. This is us, tired and worn out from a very very long day. But happy. We work like an oiled machine when it comes down to it. This is our staff.

 September was kind of crazy. I had to do a little writing on my own to process all  of the thoughts that are in my head about the events of the month. But it brought on many lessons for me, and it was beautiful. October will be just as full, and no doubt with more lessons and memories. One day at a time.

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