Friday, September 30, 2016

Why I love Morning Runs

The smell of fall wafts through the air and into my senses. This is my favorite time of year to be a runner.
 The weather is just cool enough to feel good, but not too cold to be wearing winter gear yet.
 The leaves are beginning to fall and the crunch under my sneakers makes new memories.
 The rain is refreshing and welcomed.

 The sunrises are gorgeous.

 The animals roam around more freely this time of year.

  I love being a morning runner.

 I woke up today, tired and not so into the idea of endeavoring outdoors. However, I have a race in 2 weeks, so this is no time to decide to sleep in. And this morning's run proved to me why I love to run so much.  and why I love to be a morning runner.

 When I go out at 5:30 in the morning, one cup of coffee already down, it's the one time that the world feels like it's slowed down a little bit.No one is awake yet, except maybe a few neighbors here and there, tinkering in their garage.There are very few cars out yet. And the noise is just the crickets. It's just me and God's creatures.
  We live in a face paced world, where very rarely do we slow down long enough to catch our breath and take in the beauty around us.

 Being a morning runner gives me that time. In part because most of the world around me is still asleep. But also because it's the one time of day where no demands are being made of me (except the ones I am placing on myself.) It's my time to pray. It's my time to sort out the loud thoughts that swarm in my head all day long.  It's my time to be me.  Time to be free.

 I also love my morning runs because I get to experience God's nature like others may not. This morning, 4 deer were in my running path. They froze and looked at me, as if their standing still would somehow make it so I could not see them. They were beautiful.
  Yesterday I saw the most gorgeous sunrise ever. That sunrise reminds me why I love being a morning runner and why I love Ohio fall. The yellows swirled into the orange; the purple and pinks pushed each other just past the orange hues. And still in the distance, dark storm clouds danced, taunting their way into the day. It was so beautiful, there really aren't words to describe the scene.

 My run may not have been my best one on this training journey. However, I ended it with such a smile because it certainly was/is a beautiful way to start my day into God's creation today.And a great reminder of why I love running - and being a morning runner - so much.

 Happy Friday, Ya'll.

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