Thursday, October 6, 2016


It's time to share #TheLittleMoments
 These are the things that add up in a week or two that could easily be dismissed, but when reflection hits, these are the moments that make me smile.
  1. Cards!!!
   If you know me, you know I LOVE cards.  Yes, love them. They make me smile and I read and re-read them until they are worn thin. You can skip gifts- all I need is a card with some words that are meaningful.
  This week I got a card in the mail (at work) from someone who essentially thanked me for going above and beyond. I wouldn't know the person if I met them on the street, but apparently I made a difference. Well, likewise back to that person. She didn't have to take time to write me a card, but she did. And it sits on my desk as a reminder. (Sharing that is certainly not to say anything "yay" about me. It's to highlight a moment in my week that someone else created for me.)

2. Planks! And my TRX People!!
   You guys, have you ever done a plank? They are hard! Really hard. Have you ever tried to do one in TRX straps? Double hard. I have been in this TRX class now for 7 months. The people in there have become my family. Literally. I love that group. They encourage me and inspire me. They make me laugh like silly and challenge me to be a better me. They push my competitive buttons and help me to grow. I will talk more about this next week. But this week we had plank challenge. Every month we do this, and each month we are to gauge our progress. The plank challenge lasts for 3 minutes. I always said "I'll never make it to 3 minutes." It's HARD. But this week, this month... I DID IT!! And I'm totally doing a little dance over it still.
  Last month I was at 2 minutes, so my goal this month was 2:20. Steck calls it out every 10 seconds. As he kept calling it out somewhere in me I got a ridiculous determination to keep going, keep planking. And I made it for 3 minutes! My arms were shaking, my abs were screaming, but the smile I carried the rest of the day made it all totally worth it.
 The encouragement they all gave me made me feel on top of the world.
 Great workout! Great people. Great progress.

 3. Sunshine!
    You also may know I am a warm-weather gal. I thrive when it is sunny and warm. This week we've had a little "indian summer" and I am totally soaking it in. I know it's going to pass quickly, but while it is here, it makes me smile.

4. Best Friends
  So last week I texted my best friend, Kristen, in Florida and asked her about having a phone date on Sunday. It had been a while. Much to my surprise, she texted back and said "How about a REAL date??" (or something along those lines.) She and Doug were in Ohio for the weekend and we were able to get together for a few hours. Doug and Michael are pretty much one and the same, which allows me and Kristen to have an understanding for each other unlike many can experience. Special friends. Special Surprise. Special new memories

 5. Bubbles
 I kind of forgot how much fun bubbles are. I used to enjoy blowing bubbles with the kids when they were young.  I have always found them .... childlike and refreshing. I forgot how much they make me smile until at Joseph's cross country meet, the varsity team was cheering at one spot of the runners going by and they were blowing bubbles. As they floated my way, I smiled. It's the little things.

 6. Online Church
 When you're out of town.... and totally disappointed to miss church... I'm very thankful for attending a church that makes social media/worldwideweb part of their ministry. Pastor Aaron's message was up online before the afternoon ended and I was able to listen to the message the same day! And, it's really no coincidence that this series is called Mind Wars- something I battle all the time. I Love my church! We've only been going there now for 3 months or so but it's home.

 Little Moments Matter. Don't miss them. I'm trying not to, but in the midst of mess, it can be easy to do. Be purposeful.
  Next week I travel away for work and I will run a half marathon for which I have been training for months. If you have read enough of my blogs over the years, you know each race comes to mean something to me. Stay tuned end of next week as I share the journey that this October Race has come to be for me.

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